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This is (humanly) complicated. We have bought a second house in preparation for the sale of our current house and the new family house being built. For a period (maybe 12 months) we will live in the second house then move to our permanent home.

In preparation, I have been spending half of each week in the second house.It's about 15 miles from our current house. Each time I've taken one of the three cats with me. Magic and Lola seem very chilled at the new house and when they discovered they could leap out of the bedroom window onto the extension then onto the garage roof then off onto next doors roof, they were happy. They both loved being only cats having quality time with their mum. Neither wanted to leave. The house has a large garden and they loved the walls and fences plus trees to climb.

Then this weekend I took Midnight. It has been a disaster. He lived in the cupboard under the stairs. At night he stood guard over me at the top of the bed. Last night he poo'd in the living room and I think he has peed in the cupboard under the stairs. I found him looking out of the bedroom window and he seemed upset. He spent the entire time looking unhappy and seemed to miss the girls. He didn't eat when food was put down (usually he's a furry pig) and although he did use the cat litter, as I said, there has been a number of accidents. My daughter came this afternoon and spent time in the cupboard with Midnight. She says he looked very fed up and seemed traumatised.

Now he's home he has just attempted to poo behind the telly. He seems completely confused. I hope this will not continue when we move. He's always been a bit neurotic but this seems to have thrown him off mental balance.

Any thoughts? We have Feliway anyway but I'm not convinced it helps. I'm just starting to worry that all of us in a small house with 3 cats might just be too much for him.
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Re: Moving

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I'd be inclined to leave him in your old house until you actually move permanently, all cats are different and although your intentions are good he's obviously very unsettled and confused moving between the two properties. I moved house recently with three cats, two settled relatively quickly but the third took several weeks to fully settle. So I would minimise the disruption for him and leave him be until you move.
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