Please help

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Please help

Post by Harveyglen7 »

Hiya all. I bought my son 2 kittens in November as a Christmas present, they are the most amazing cats you vould ever wish for, even walk all round the house on my shoulder lol. I got them neutied, castrated and chipped so that they could go out when ready. I have just been to.the vets again to give them both a snap test to make sure that they are oth fit and ok before I do this, I was heartbroken when the vet called me into the room to tell me that they both had FIV which was caught of there mother. I am so confused, mixed up and hurt at the moment because I'm out at 5.30am and not home till 6pm. I was hoping they would be able to have a normal outside/inside life like any other cat and now there in all day I feel guilty not giving them the love and quality time they deserve.
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Re: Please help

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Hi, and welcome to CC. It must have been a shock to hear about your kittens, but please don't despair. You see the little fella who is my avatar? That's Bob and he is FIV+. We found that out when he was one - he probably got that from his mum. He is five now and leads a pretty normal life. He lives with 5 other FIV- cats and comes and goes as he likes.

We do live in a rural area and pretty much the only cats in the area are mine! That would be my only worry - that he might fight with another cat passing on the disease through a bite or being injured (as his immune system is not what it should be.

When I found out about Bob I got a lot of help from Catwork. The couple who run it were near retirement, but I think you can still get some good advice from them at

Keep in touch and let us know how you go on. What are the kittens names?
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Re: Please help

Post by Janey »

Hi and welcome. If you’ve not seen this link there’s lots of reassuring info here:

I hope you’ll post a photo of your little kitties :)
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Re: Please help

Post by Emma275 »

Has the vet done the western blot test and not just the ELSA test? also i think there has to be four months apart from first test and doing a second test , just to absolutely make sure. I wasn't aware how inaccurate an ELSA test can be as all my vet said to me is that there is another test that can be done which confirms FIV which doesn't sound the same.... I declined and he put my cat down two weeks ago ! Also its not a life sentence, but I would look into whether any vaccines can be given to them as not sure if this interferes with their immune system. As long as strays keep away and no sharing of food bowls with them i.e. to minimise picking up any infections however the dormant state of FIV apparently can be years ... so nothing really to worry about
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Re: Please help

Post by Sniper1 »

Keep your cats fully vaccinated and treat promptly for any health problem that may arise and let them live a normal life fiv is everywhere has been for years and will be forever cats can live together some fiv+ and others negative in the same house and it doesn't transmit so try not to worry and let them have a normal life is my advice
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