New home needed for my FIV+ foster cat

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New home needed for my FIV+ foster cat

Post by Lizzy79 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:03 pm

Hi, I have an FIV+ cat that has had the most awful time on the streets, he’s now been with me for 4 weeks and is fully recovered. He’s been neutered and had some dental work done so he’s now well enough to go to his forever home! He’s 10+ so an older cat, but I can’t keep him with me as I have 4 non FIV cats, he’s currently living in my shed. Is there anyone that would love to give him a home? He’s very loving and loves a cuddle, he would sit on your knee all day if you let him! He would have to go in to a home with other FIV+ cats or on his own, and he would have to be totally indoor. He’s totally black and he’s beautiful :)

Please get in touch if you are able to offer him a home, I’m in the Tyne and Wear area but would be willing to travel to get him a good home.

Thank you :)

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Re: New home needed for my FIV+ foster cat

Post by The Craft-E-Kittens » Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:14 am

Aww, if only we were closer! We have an FIV+ furbaby who lives in a large custom build log cabin with a wired off catio/verandah. She would LOVE a new family member but we're in Oxfordshire 👎😿💔 Xx
FIV+ cats can live very happily with non FIV cats though, despite popular belief as we had mixed cats who never "cross contaminated"(bad wording but you get the idea).

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Re: New home needed for my FIV+ foster cat

Post by Cat-FAQ » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:54 pm

Hi Lizzy,

Presumably you are fostering on behalf of a rehoming organisation? If so, find out if they already have a rehoming page on the man Cat Chat site, and if so, get his details popped on there so that we can help find a home, (as well as any other cats at the organisation). If the organisation doesn't yet have a Cat Chat page, they can apply for one here:

As he has been with you for a little while, we would also be able to feature him on our "Overlooked Cats" section, although he would need to be added to your regular Cat Chat page first (as above).

I hope that helps. If you need any further advice or help, email our Help Desk: cat.advice (at)

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