New cat harassing older cat

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New cat harassing older cat

Post by Skw » Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:25 pm

Hi! I’m hoping I can find some advice here. I recently adopted a 9 Mo. old boy. I already had a 9 yr. old female She had lost her companions over the years and while she had never been particularly close to them (1kitty,1 small dog) I thought she might appreciate some company. And momma needed someone to snuggle with (older girl is not a smuggler).
My boy has a wonderful personality is sweet as can be and loooves other cats. Our problem is he is so rambunctious and so kitty-centric that if I’m not constantly engaging him he starts chasing her. I think she’s actually being pretty tolerant considering, although she will whip around and whack him, but she can’t move around the room without him chasing her so she sits in one spot and I’m sure she’s sick of it.
I’m considering getting him a playmate, but I’m afraid of adding more chaos and overwhelming my old girl. Should I just ride it out longer? Nobody is trying to kill anyone (right now at least) but man am I tired of wrangling cats all the time (I separate them when I’m gone still) Also I have no idea what sex I should get if I did.

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Re: New cat harassing older cat

Post by Mollycat » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:36 am

Some cats are just happier as only cats, it sounds like your girl may be one of them although she tolerates others reasonably well. Normally I would suggest adding another youngster to this would be a bad idea but maybe it could give her some peace as the kittens bond, play together and leave her alone. But it could also backfire and give you and your girl bigger problems. Also, with a playmate your young boy might not be the cuddlebug with you that you want and got him for.

Eventually the little one should learn to leave grumpy old lady cat alone after a few good whacks, but maybe back her up by giving her some peaceful time without him, if she needs it. Make sure she has plenty of places she can go, high up so she can look down on her world and low down dens to hide in.

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