Help for cats fighting

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Help for cats fighting

Post by peterdb »

We have two cats. One we have had for 2 years (UK rescue cat - Leo) and one we have had for 5 months (Romanian rescue cat - Luna).

Unfortunately they have not integrated well and although we kept Luna in a separate room for about 5/6 weeks and did the usual feeding either side of the door and other techniques, they fought. Since that time we have now tried the following:
- putting up a netted doorway so they can see each other
- used Felaway products for both friends and anxiety
- have separate feeders and litter trays
- Use of Yucalm

They still exsist almost two different lives - Luna is put away in her room and is let out whenever our other cat goes outside. Leo is free to roam inside and out the rest of the time. Leo is very calm and he doesn't go Luna but Luna will happily attack Leo.

Due to Luna's past history being on the streets and having kittens at a young age she also constantly looks for food but I'm not sure if this adds to any of the animosity here.

We feel like we have tried everything and are now hoping to look for a cat behaviourist but we were wondering if anyone had any extra advice and ideas for us. We dearly love Luna and with her difficult to start to life in Romania we really want to help her settle and not make Leo scared.
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Re: Help for cats fighting

Post by Mollycat »

Go back to the beginning with complete separation and Luna in one room but do not let her into the rest of the house while Leo is outside. you say she was in her room for 5-6 weeks and then they fought - if they were able to get to each other to fight that means you let them make contact too soon. They must be happy and relaxed with every step of the process for several days (not just one time) or a week, before you move on to the next small step. You need separate litter trays and feeding bowls anyway even when they are integrated, not just for the introduction period. Think months not weeks.
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