Atopica for FIV+ 3yo cat post-dental extraction

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Atopica for FIV+ 3yo cat post-dental extraction

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My 3-year-old FIV+ cat underwent a full dental extraction back in November due to the intense discomfort his acute stomatitis was causing. This was not my first choice but eventually, it became the only option. About 2 months post-op he began showing signs of pain again (approaching food more timidly, the occasional yelp, trouble yawning). The vet gave him oral steroids and he did great, but the inflammation came back once the course of steroids ended. The vet then gave him a long-acting steroid injection which, again, worked until it stopped. We just went back to the vet again, who told me that, unfortunately, he will likely have chronic inflammation for the rest of his life. She gave him one more round of oral steroids and sent me home with Atopica, an immunosuppressant. She claims Atopica is our best long-term bet to keep his condition under control, as lifetime exposure to steroids would increase his risk of developing diabetes. While it may seem counterintuitive to give immunosuppressants to an immunocompromised cat, his oral inflammation is caused by an overreaction of his immune system.

I'm really concerned about the Atopica. The vet mentioned that if he is carrying toxoplasma, the lowering of his immune system could cause him to develop toxoplasmosis. She doesn't seem particularly worried about this outcome. She said that we could do a blood test for toxoplasma, but that it's expensive and she didn't think it necessary. To me, the whole thing seems a little fishy. I don't want to make an uninformed choice and end up with a sick/dead cat. I also don't know if I can afford to pay for this expensive product for the rest of his life.

To make a long story short, I'm wondering if others have been in this situation. If your FIV+ cat also underwent stomatitis surgery, what long-term measures have you taken to manage inflammation? Are there any holistic approaches that have worked for you? CBD? If your FIV+ cat has taken Atopica, how did that go? Could dietary adjustments help? Any input you have is greatly appreciated.

I want to manage his pain in the most humane way possible. It just doesn't feel humane to give him Atopica knowing that it could make him sick. If it is truly his best bet, I will spring for the expensive toxoplasma blood test.

Thanks for reading. My little guy means the world to me and I'm scared of losing him. I could really use some support from fellow FIV+ kitty parents.
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