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CAT CHAT FORUM POSTING RULES ("Netiquette") - Please help us to run a Friendly Forum :)

Cat Chat is a Registered Charity with the main aim of helping more cats out of shelters and into homes. This forum is set up to support this aim and also as a place to seek advice on feline issues. When using this Forum, please remember that it is run and moderated by Cat Chat volunteers.

PLEASE NOTE: By registering you agree to follow our Posting Rules, or 'Netiquette' below:

When you register, you will choose a Username (which will appear on all your posts) and a Password. We highly recommend that you choose a complex or individual password, and it is important that you never give your password out to another person, this is for your own protection, to prevent identity theft. This is a public forum, and posts can be viewed by anyone, so please only post what you are happy for all to see.

Personal Profiles
As a member of the Cat Chat Forum you may have a personal 'Profile' if you wish. Profiles can be viewed by other Registered Forum Members, so only include information that you are happy for other members to see. Any Profiles found to contain any of the elements outlined in 'Unacceptable Posts' (below) will be modified or deleted without notice, and may be viewed as a violation of our Rules. Your Profile can be found in your User Control Panel (linked top right).

Good Practice when Posting
Please take note of the "unacceptable posts" rules below.

Posting a query: Please be aware that any advice given on the forum is the view of that person, not necessarily of Cat Chat, so it is up to your own judgement whether you take the advice. In matters of a cat's health, your first priority should always be to seek the advice of your own vet. Please be aware that it is not advisable to put either home addresses or telephone numbers in your post.

Replying to posts: Please always be polite when replying to other's posts, even if you disagree with their view. People have vastly different levels of experience, and advice given in a friendly, courteous manner is much more likely to be heeded, and therefore will be of more help to the cat. Discussions should at all times be kept polite and controlled. Heated arguments help no-one, least of all the animals. We reserve the right to moderate any posts which we feel are overly judgemental or harsh, and therefore may discourage people from seeking help on the forum.

Unacceptable posts - our Moderators will edit or remove:
• Any posts which are abusive, defamatory, threatening, obscene, harassing, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, posts of a sexual nature, posts containing swearing, or any posts violating UK or International law.
• Off-topic/irrelevant posts and posts which may be detrimental to the original query.
• Private issues and disagreements should remain off-forum.
• Inflammatory or defamatory accusations against specific shelters, rescue workers, rescue organisations or branches of those organisations, or other companies/organisations. Any issues should be taken up with those concerned.
• Posts criticising our moderating team, or procedures. Any issues with the running of the forum, should be taken up with the moderating team directly, and not on the forum itself.
• Advertisements including commercial and animal breeding advertisements, and links to sales in general. Any potential advertisers should contact Cat Chat direct, and not through the Forum.
• Posts featuring un-neutered cats for rehoming. Cats posted for rehoming on Cat Chat must either already be neutered, or will be neutered prior to homing. Posts found to be featuring un-neutered adult cats may be removed without prior notice.
• All cats posted for rehoming on the Cat Chat forum must be in the UK or Ireland. Cat Chat does not encourage the adoption of cats from abroad, and therefore we are unable to allow posts by organisations advertising cats from overseas or which encourage importing cats into the UK from abroad.
• Spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc. or 'Troll' posts.
• Posting of material which is subject to Copyright, unless you have permission from the copyright owner.
• Posts linking to classified websites offering 'Cats for Sale' or 'Free Kittens' etc. As a Rescue Charity we do not wish to advertise such sites, as this simply perpetuates this thoughtless trading which results in so much animal suffering. We will replace such links with a notice pointing people towards their local animal rescues.
• Posts with horrific, or unacceptable pictures, disturbing news links, or links to abuse sites that may upset or shock forum users, unless the post includes a petition or other way in which to help or protest.

Posts needing prior permission
• Requests for money/appeals for funds: The Cat Chat forum is not a fundraising platform, and links to any kind of fundraising pages are not allowed. Only very exceptional appeals may be allowed following thorough checks. To seek approval for posting of appeals, full details of the appeal should be sent to the Board Administrator, including a contact name, address and telephone number, plus full details of where the funds will go and how they will be used.
• Posts about surveys and other information gathering exercises must first be cleared with the Board Administrator. To seek approval for posting of surveys and other initiatives inviting public feedback, full details should be sent to the Board Administrator, including a contact name, address and telephone number, plus full details of the initiative's purpose.

*Please note: Posts of this nature which have not received prior permission will be removed.

Reporting unacceptable posts
If a person is deliberately making posts to upset or inflame other forum members, or has made some other unacceptable post, please report this to a Moderator immediately (by clicking the exclamation mark icon '!' on that post). Please refrain from complaining on the thread itself as this is only likely to fuel arguments. Please remember that our Moderators are volunteers, and may not be able to edit posts straight away.

Violation of our Posting Rules
We have a 'three strikes and you're out' rule for violating these Rules.
(1) 1st unacceptable post - post deleted and a Warning issued.
(2) 2nd unacceptable post - post deleted and Final Warning issued.
(2) 3rd unacceptable post - post deleted and account banned*

*Please note: your IP address is recorded each time you make a post, this enables us to ban persistent violators of these Rules.

The content of posts are the sole responsibility of the individual poster, and Cat Chat can take no responsibility for any damage or loss occurring from the use of the information therein, nor can we take responsibility for the accuracy of the information in posts, or for any assertions made therein. Neither are we responsible for any specific activities, practices or conduct of any rescue and rehoming group. This Forum is provided for convenience and information and content within posts is not an endorsement by Cat Chat.

* Please note: We reserve the right to update or amend the rules at any time and it is therefore the individual's responsibility to check them regularly for any changes.


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