RASTA BOB needs a rescue placement can you help?

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RASTA BOB needs a rescue placement can you help?

Post by Animal Lifeline UK » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:34 am


Sadly we haven't been able to find anyone to go and check him so as he needs to be out we will now put an appeal out to try and find him a rescue placement

Rasta Bob is a stray cat that has invited himself to live with someone , but sadly her cats don't like him and as she is disabled she is finding it very hard to keep them apart and Rasta Bob is getting hurt by these cats.

We have tried to appeal to find someone willing to go and get bob and take him to a vets to check for a chip or find someone with a scanner that could pop and see if he has a chip but sadly been unable to find anyone.

Rasta Bob has had very matted fur a lady has been in to groom him a bit but we are worried with the summer coming soon that he will be at risk of fly strike if he doesn't get groomed properly, also as Rasta Bob is too nervous for the lady to put in a cat carrier and take to the vets we are worried that her cats are going to really hurt him and then he is going to end up with a nasty infection and it not be able to be treated as the lady can't get him to the vets.

The lady has tried many of the local rescues but none will help him and so she has called upon our help.

We know its a near impossible task to get a nervous black cat into rescue but we have to at least try for poor Rasta Bob sake.

Lady says Rasta Bob is not feral he is happy to be cuddled and fussed by her but is scared of new people or things.

Rasta Bob is currently in the Leeds area

http://www.animallifelineuk.org/forum/s ... post209561" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

If you are a rescue and you think you can help Rasta Bob please email us at [email protected] or if on facebook please in box myself Kelly-joy Sargent or Debbie Evans

If you are a new rescue to us we will require proof of Vacs and if he isn't already proof of Chip and neuter
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