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User Guide - for Registered Users

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Forum User Guide - for Registered Users

Once you have registered, you will be able to log into the Forums and join in the discussions. Please read our Forum Posting Rules before posting (see under 'Posting Rules & Forum Help').

The following facilities are disabled Board-Wide, so are not available to Users: Private Messaging • 'Signatures' on posts • Polls • 'Bumping' of topics

User Control Panel
When you log in, you will see a link to your "User Control Panel" in the top, right hand corner. Your control panel enables you to create a profile if you wish and set your board preferences. For example, if you want to prevent other users from being able to send you emails via the board, set the “Users can contact me by email” setting to "No". We recommend you visit this area first to set your preferences.

Setting up a personal Profile is optional. Please bear in mind that your Profile can be viewed by other Registered Forum Members, so only include information that you are happy for others to see.

This is a public forum, so the content of your posts can be viewed by all, so please only post what you are happy for anyone to see. By posting on the Cat Chat Forum you agree to abide by our Posting Rules.

Board Use & Instructions
All instructions for Board use are detailed in the FAQ section (link at top of screen).

Other queries
Any queries on the new forum which are not covered in 'FAQ' section, can be posted in the "Queries / Comments on the New Forum" section under the 'Cat Chat' heading.

Welcome to the Cat Chat Feline forum!