Usain Bolt!

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Shelly and Dora
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Usain Bolt!

Post by Shelly and Dora »

Dora has turned into a mad sprinter this evening! It's lovely to see (although I do worry & tell he to calm down as she races past me at 100mph).

I don't know what's got in to her but she's using her scratch posts and reaching higher than normal, she's throwing her toys around, chattering to me like mad and literally racing round the house. She always follows me up or down stairs & we sometimes make a game of it as she runs down & nearly sends me flying but tonight she's practically jumping from top to bottom of our stairs with just a milli second where her paws touch about 50% of the way down. She's not used her pet steps to go up of down any of her favourite places all night either!

Who'd have thought - especialky nearly 5 weeks into our reduced Metacam regime! I'm very, very definitely not complaining though. It's been about 2 weeks now of a 6th body weight dosage one day, nothing the next, then repeat.

Reassure me please!! She wouldn't do this if there was any semblance if pain would she?

Ohhhhh.... And there she bounds again...... Straight off the unit near the lounge window, no use of her steps..... Running at 100mph through the hallway, jumping straight upon to the dining table, no use of the steps there either!!! Although I worry because I'm massively over protective due to her arthritis (the £5k + in insurance claims bear sentiment to this), my heart literally overflows with love & pride at her kitten like behaviour!!!
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Re: Usain Bolt!

Post by catsue »

This time last year Pebbles started Metacam for arthritis to her front legs as she was limping badly and had been very quiet and withdrawn. She had exactly the same reaction and went back to being the maniac she used to be - dashing round and announcing that she had come into the room by literally skidding to a halt on top of the coffee table, scattering paperwork and all sorts onto the floor! It sounds as if Dora is pain free as I don't think she would be dashing round if she was in pain. I had to take Pebbles off of Metacam as she started to vomit up blood (long story but she had also been on aspirin for a heart problem which turned out not to be a heart problem) but she has now been off it since last summer and strangely she is still running round and not limping any more.
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Re: Usain Bolt!

Post by lilynmitz »

Lily's arthritis got so bad at one stage that I decided "stuff the kidney problem, I want my girl walking properly again". So we did an intensive course of metacam, then stepped it down, and now it's just as and when. When she first started feeling better, she was so relieved she went a bit nuts as well and in a moment of madness she took a flying leap at the arm of the sofa. Sadly she's got so little muscle tone she didn't quite make it so I gave her a hand with the last scrabble to the top, but we were completely gobsmacked! And the limp she'd had in her front left paw for a few years, ever since I adopted her, disappeared and never returned.

So pleased it's made such a difference to Dora, long may it last!
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Re: Usain Bolt!

Post by HRHFluffy »

Dear Shelly, all I can do is smile at your lovely Dora's behaviour. I can confidently say she wouldn't be running like this and hop skipping and jumping everywhere if she was in any pain.

Problem is, can you keep up with her? :)

I particularly think it's a good sign with her stretching up higher than normal on her scratch posts.

Have you altered anything at all in her diet or given her any extra supplements lately? Whatever it is, I want some!!

Give her fusses from me and Fluffy xx
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SarahT1 [PLLE]
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Re: Usain Bolt!

Post by SarahT1 [PLLE] »

Well done, Shelly, for managing Dora's Metacam so well. What a girl! She must be feeling so happy. Pepsi is on 4 ml a day and she can now jump from one sofa to the next and she spends far less time sleeping. She is more Lily's age than Dora's so it's relative of course, but it's lovely to see our babies get a new lease of life. She's been on this dose for 6 weeks now, so the next discussion with Vetty Paul will be when and if we can start to cut it down. Her kidneys are fine at the moment but as others have said about their oldies, quality of life is most important for her now. We know she won't have another dental so the Metacam also keeps her gum issues at bay.
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