Really need an advice about taking a kitten or not!

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Really need an advice about taking a kitten or not!

Post by Valentina »

I found a 6 weeks old (according to the vet) orphan kitten, and I would really like to adopt her. I already took care of many kittens, always replaced them to other families, but I love this one particularly and I'm trying to figure out if I can take her or not.
The problems are:
1) I live in a students-apartment but every weekend I have to go back at my parents' town (30 minutes by car)
2) In my parents' house, there is my 12 years old little dog, usually very aggressive towards cats, extremely jealous and territorial.

So basically, the kitten's life would be divided into 2 different rooms in 2 different houses.
Of course I will try to see how the dog reacts with the kitten, but I know her and I'm already discouraged.
Apart from the fact that I would take really good care of her and I wouldn't leave her alone, can a cat live in a medium-size room (or in this case, 2 different rooms, but basically without access to the rest of the house)? Would be too much uncomfortable for her to be moved every week more or less? I know cats don't really enjoy car's rides, even if short. Of course I don't want her to be stressed or unhappy, so I'm trying to decide if this is manageable or not.

I would really be grateful for every opinion or suggestion!!
(And please forgive my english, it's not my mothertongue!)
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Re: Really need an advice about taking a kitten or not!

Post by Crewella »

This is a difficult one. It's lovely that you want to take care of this kitten, who obviously needs your help, but by the sound of it, your situation is far from ideal. The other problem is that, from the sound of it, you are a student? Taking on a cat is a commitment for the cat's lifetime, and with the best will in the world, you may or may not be in a position to give the kitten the secure future that it needs, especially as the situation at your parent's house is problematic?
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