Hissing at new people

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Hissing at new people

Post by willowdragon »

My kitten turned 4 months this week. He's met a lot of new people since he was born, we've been careful to socialise him with a range of ages, including some excited children under our watchful eye. All of his experiences have been - or should have been - positive.

Yet for some reason he hisses at most people who don't live in our household. Quite aggressive hissing, too. For example my mum, who visits regularly, and is a warm and calm person, was hissed at as soon as she walked I . I just don't understand why he's behaving this way, people haven't approached him quickly or loudly, generally they say hello then leave him alone.

What can I do about this behaviour? I want him to like other people.
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Re: Hissing at new people

Post by Lilith »

Hi, the trouble is, cats, although still communal, aren't necessarily social animals. If a cat doesn't want to be sociable, then it won't be. You can't train it like a child or a dog to come and be polite or offer a paw.

Having said that, he may change as he matures - hissing is a common kitten reaction to anything untoward. I once bought a Siamese kitten, beautifully reared and looked after I might add, and on Annie's first night I took her into the bedroom with me on her own. She had a bed in a quiet corner but decided that her place was on my shoulder, and snuggled down, but if I made the slightest movement, she hissed. She wasn't going to relinquish my shoulder for anything but she made it clear that she Didn't Know Me Yet, and I was Strange. She grew into an extremely placid and laid-back cat.

I don't know why Kitten hisses at your mother - it could be something really basic, a scent from outside she brings in with her, something she wears or does, but honestly I wouldn't let this worry you. He's only been in the world 4 months and he's learning and discovering all the time, and I think he'll grow out of this hissing - but, he's a cat and he'll always do his own thing, which may not necessarily be polite as far as humans are concerned.

This to me is part of the charm of cats and as a grumpy recluse myself, I sympathise with them :lol: All the best with him.
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Re: Hissing at new people

Post by Alice »

I've never had this problem, but I'd suggest that you let your visitors try to offer little treats - tiny bits of chicken, fish, Dreamies, etc and hopefully make friends with him that way.

After all, we know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! :lol: :lol:
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