[info] house soiling cat

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[info] house soiling cat

Post by nils99cats » Fri May 10, 2019 2:57 pm

Hi catchat people :)

a cat peeing in the wrong places is what probably many of you have encountered, myself included. So I made a website exclusively dedicated to this topic. I gathered all info I could find and wrote it down in my own words. And that's where I need your help! Many of you are quite knowledgeable about cats and can probably add this or that, or tell me where I'm wrong. My phrasing is probably also bad in some parts as I'm not a native speaker, but eventually I'll probably hire a professional to correct stuff. Disclaimer: the site contains links to certain products on Amazon but that's not a try to bullshit people into buying stuff they don't need, but only what exactly they need! You can probably attest yourself. So, any criticism is very welcome, spit it out! Oh, right, here's the site :D

I hope this is ok with the forum rules, I didn't find anything against it!


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