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Forever Home needed

Post by bimp » Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:12 pm

Hi all,

It is with a heavy heart that I post here tonight.
Alex, my companion for 7 years (since she was a kitten) desperately needs a new home.

She had several episodes, over the course of a few weeks, of what we now think to be redirected aggression. She's been thoroughly checked over at the vet who can see no medical cause for her outburst. This is the first time she has ever been aggressive towards me or any other person.
She was put on diazepam and then Amitriptyline along with the usual Feliway diffusers.
I am unsure if these have worked or if over time she's forgotten that she is annoyed with me but she seems much better now.

I however, am not any better. I am genuinely frightened of her after what happened. She really did a number on my leg and I find myself very anxious when she is in the same room as me.

This means that from 5pm - 9am she is in what was my bedroom. This is very upsetting for her as she usually gets full run of the house. She is fully equipped in there and I have swapped my bed with my sofa to allow her more room.

The only contact she gets with people at the moment is with my mum (who she has not attacked or hissed at, at all. It really is just me!) and when I feed her and clean her trays daily.
This is very cruel and must be so distressing for her. She cries at the door after and digs at the carpet.

It had been nearly a month now since the first instance. Alex and I cannot go on living in fear of each other.

I am very aware that this is entirely my own fault and wish I could be braver and more determined. I assure you all though, this decision has not been taken lightly and if I thought there was a realistic chance of me overcoming the issues, I would not be writing this. I have been in touch with several reliable rescues already. I have been given valuable advice but unfortunately there is no room at the inn.

Alex is a 7 year old female cat
She is dressed and microchipped
She lives indoors and is not vaccinated
She has no other health issues.
She is a very independent cat and will not get on with other animals or small children
Any home found or rescue willing to give Alex a home will be vetted, for this reason somebody within Aberdeenshire is much preferred.
If, for whatever reason, at whatever point in the future, Alex could not be looked after anymore I would like to be contacted.
Taking her on a trial basis is fine. I do not want her to be passed from home to home.
I am willing to pay for her care.

Before I grew scared of her Alex was a very loving and playful cat and she has been a joy to have in my company.

I would appreciate any help or advice given.

Sam. Alex - 4 weeks ago.

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Re: Forever Home needed

Post by Jacks » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:26 pm

Dear Bimp, so sorry to hear about your trauma with Alex. How awful that you have now found ourself in the position of having to find another home for her because you are so scared. It does sound like something frightened her and you were experiencing redirected aggression, which was directed at you because there was no other cat around.

Before you contemplate giving up on her for good, could your mum ( unless she lives with you ) take her for a while - or maybe another family member or a friend - to give you a break and help you to recover from your frightening experience? It is so hard to find homes for cats these days and especially if there are issues which would make it unwise to put her with very young children; although as I understand it she has completely recovered now from the episode? The trouble is, you've been left traumatised and it's not easy for you to forget what happened.

If you do feel that you can't cope with her anymore, friends and family are the first place to try or you mig consider direct rehousing through a rescue - so they advertise her but she stays with you until a home is found. I think that's how it works!

I do hope you can find a solution for Alex and you, as it sounds like you care for her very much.

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Re: Forever Home needed

Post by bimp » Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:04 am

Hi Jacks,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately family are few and far between. Mum has a black lab and a small flat so no way of separating them both. My friends all have pets of their own too.

She does seem to have recovered, however, I thought she had recovered before and it was less than 24 hours before she attacked me again. It has only ever been me though, she has never tried to attack or acted aggressive towards anyone else.

The vet did suggest, if this latest medication wasn't helping, we tried rehoming her for a month or so, then reintroduce her to my home as a new pet. It is very much my problem that has caused this though, not Alex. If anyone was willing, I'd be too. I do think it unlikely to find anyone willing to care for Alex on a non permanent basis and I'm not confident it would resolve my fear.

I appreciate finding her a new home will be very difficult and I am willing to wait until the right home comes along. There is no danger of me kicking her out or worse.

There is one rescue that has been particularly helpful and although they are a sanctuary (with no room) and not a rescue centre they are helping me find her a safe home.

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Re: Forever Home needed

Post by bimp » Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:54 am

Hi All,

whilst you are all still welcome to ask me questions here, if you are interested in adopting Alex, please contact Pauline on this page: ... 383079923/" onclick=";return false;

She is helping me find the right home for Alex.


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Re: Forever Home needed

Post by bimp » Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:33 pm

Alex is still looking for a forever home.
In the meantime we are working on improving her behaviour. It does seem to be only directed at feet/legs while they are moving towards her.
Any help appreciated.

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