Medivet - Health Plan - Buyer Beware

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Medivet - Health Plan - Buyer Beware

Post by SuttonRider »

I went to Medivet’s local surgery a few weeks ago to enquire about their Health Plan for my cat. I was given a sheet of paper outlining what they were offering and what the cat would get and the price per month of £13.50. It all looked fine.

Last week I went back and signed up, paid the first month and arraigned an appointment for the cat.

I then get a letter from Medivet confirming my Direct Debit instructions, First I noticed they had charged me twice for the first month and then added a £5 administration charge. There had been no mention at all of an admin charge at any point in the past nor was it on the paper they gave me earlier. I rang them to question this charge as I thought it a bit odd. I’ve never been charged by any company in the past for setting up a Direct Debit I felt sure they had made a mistake. They confirmed the £5 charge was correct. On a matter of principle I was not going to be fleeced by this scam so I offered to pay the whole year in advance to be told that to had an additional £5 admin charge. How many times have you done you're shopping at a supermarket to be told in addition to the cost of the shopping there is an admin charge for the use of the till?

Fortunately the cat hadn’t had any treatment at this time so I cancelled the Direct Debit and told them where to put their Health Plan.

I’ve now signed up with a practice that doesn’t want to charge hidden fees and fleece their customers with this scam. I think this is disgusting and should be shown up for the money grubbing practice it is.

Buyers beware.
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Re: Medivet - Health Plan - Buyer Beware

Post by Mollycat »

The whole thing is designed to get you to spend more than you need and stay with the same vet. Unless you actually go every 6 months and want as much pesticide and vaccination as they can stuff into you, I'm not sure it's all that great. We haven't even taken one for the dog as he goes once a year for boosters and gets pest control as necessary which is nowhere near the schedule they give you on these plans.

They also seem to vary widely on the discounts for dentals and things like that. Definitely pays to be careful, though I would hope nobody else finds one with such unscrupulous hidden charges as these!
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