Lindie from Consett Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatLindie was born in 2007 with a family that did not adequately look after their cats, so as soon as she could walk she would toddle off outdoors with her brother, Trevor. She wasn't really handled and was left to fend for herself, so as time passed she grew apart from the mother cat, started playing outside longer and became feral. By the time she was trapped she was 6 months old and considered too old to be tamed and rehomed so she was neutered and ear-tipped. After failing to find a farm home for her and her brother they were vaccinated and Consett Cat Rescue continued to try and get them to "come round" to being tame. Because of this, they were no longer suitable as farm cats as they had become accustomed to their home comforts. Amazingly for her, Lindie was spotted on Cat Chat and has now been rehomed and can enjoy all the love and outdoor fun she needs!

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett