Two Maisies, Daisie & Colin

Old and young Maisie, Daisie & Colin from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatMiserable Maisie (left) as we call her is not a bad cat at all. All she likes to do is sleep and eat then sleep again.  Unfortunately her owner who doted on her died, but her owner also had dementia so she forgot to feed Maisie on times. Maisie (right) is the sister to Daisie, she has big yellow eyes whereas Daisie has green eyes. Colin (centre) came in as a result of a family break up. He is a delightful boy, he can hold his own if any intruders come into the garden, but would also make a delightful family pet. Thanks to Catchat we have homed Maisie, Daisie, Colin and old Maisie, who was a 12 year old cat that we had no hope of rehoming until an elderly couple saw her on Catchat. She was perfect for this couple who were in their 80s. Thank you Catchat!

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend