Daisy, Alfie & Poppy

Daisy, Alfie & Poppy, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatDaisy (left) had a wonderful life with an elderly lady, who sadly had to give up her home and go into care. It is a sad situation when the rest of the family will not take on the family pet. She is a quiet girl and could not understand why her owner had given her up. Her owner was also distraught to give her up, she had been loved so much and needed this again. Poor Alfie (middle) decided to go out one day but got lost. He found an older gentleman who started to feed him, so he moved in. Alfie was very settled here and enjoyed his new life for about a year. Sadly his new companion had to go into a care home, as a result Alfie came into rescue. When he arrived, we scanned him to find he had a microchip. We contacted the previous owner, but sadly they got another cat to replace him and did not want him back. Poppy (right) with her daughters and owner were evicted from their property. They spent a few nights sleeping in the car with their owner. But we managed to get all the cat family into care. All three have been spotted on Cat Chat and have now been rehomed. Thank you for this site.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend