Millie & Domino

Millie & Domino, from CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester, homed through Cat ChatMillie and Domino have had such a rough start, they came to us so sick and had the best medical treatment by our hardworking vets. Millie has gone from being incredibly timid (she nestled up on our curtain pole for a couple of hours when she first arrived) to now eating out of our hands... only when she decides it’s ok and after she’s given us a good sniff though! Domino is the smallest of Millie’s kittens and was incredibly poorly when she first arrived with us. She has had several courses of antibiotics and eye drops but unfortunately has lost sight in her left eye. Domino is definitely a mummy’s girl, she always curls up with her to sleep, they always eat and play together. They have now found a loving home after the new owners saw our post for them on Cat Chat. This is fabulous news for mum and daughter that they can stay together, especially with Domino only having full sight in one eye. Thank you!

CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester