Ricky from Cat Rescue Chippenham, homed through Cat ChatRicky was blind, with matted fur and a mouthful of rotten teeth, probably due to being FIV positive. He was miserable and had virtually given up the will to live. After having 5 teeth removed he was soon eating well and taking his medication. So he was looking for a special someone who could look after an elderly, blind, deaf, FIV+ cat who suffers with high blood pressure and would need daily medication, regular monitoring at the vets, as well as regular grooming. Someone who will ask nothing more than to have the reward of caring for this older cat who still has some of his 9 lives left and still enjoys life in his quiet way. Miraculously after being spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section, over a year later he has had a home offer from a veterinary nurse who is obviously aware of the implications of all his health issues, I cannot believe it. THANK YOU Cat Chat so so much for your part in giving Ricky his happy ever after.

Cat Rescue Chippenham