Joey from Wonkey Pets, Northampton, homed through Cat ChatJoey came to us as part of a large rescue involving over 30 cats from the same home. Sadly they had been neglected and all have needed urgent medical attention. Joey was having trouble eating as he had a badly infected mouth full of rotten teeth. He needed lots of teeth removing but has recovered well and now enjoys food without the pain and discomfort he had experienced for so long. He was also been born with a condition called microphthalmia where one of his eyes hasn't developed properly. Joey was one of the shyer boys of the group when he arrived and it took us a while to be allowed to stroke him but he is now the sweetest lad who loves a fuss from us and will allow us to pick him up too. Thankfully he was spotted on Cat Chat and has now found a loving new home. We couldn't be happier.

Wonkey Pets, Northampton