Bonnie, Tommy & Ginge

Bonnie, Tommy & Ginge, from Maesteg Animal Welfare  Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatBonnie (left) has had such a hard life. She came from a household of many pets and RSPCA involvement. She escaped but was found hiding heavily pregnant in a nearby garden. She had 5 kittens all black and white. She is 6 years old so has probably endured many births. She has put on a lot of weight now, she has become very trusting and friendly and has had time to get over feeding 5 kittens. Tommy (middle) is small for his age. His owners moved but did not take him with them. He prefers to be indoors, possibly because he was left out all the time. Poor Ginge (right) came from a difficult home. We have no idea what sort of a life she has had, except she has had lots of kittens. She was not in a good state when she came in and heavily pregnant. Sadly 2 of her kittens died as she was very emaciated when she came in. One of the kittens survived but mum. All three cats have now found their forever homes thanks to Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend