twenty for 2020 campaign

To mark Cat Chat's 20th Anniversary, our 'Twenty for 2020' campaign aimed to find homes for the 20 most overlooked cats in the country.

In fact, our campaign helped find homes for many more than 20 overlooked cats over the year. Helped by the shares, tweets and posts by our wonderful supporters nationwide, 2020 turned into a terrific year for hundreds of long-stay cats who moved out of rescue care and into loving permanent new homes.

We are delighted to report that all of these very special campaign cats featured below are now living happily with their new owners and enjoying life to the full. What a super way to celebrate Cat Chat's 20th year!

Over 70 Years in Rescue!

We're inviting you to celebrate all these wonderful cats who are now out of rescue and happily adopted. Between them, they had spent over 70 years in care.

Thanks to your support, the dedicated rescues, the shares, retweets, and likes, all of these cats are now enjoying life in new permanent homes.

The feedback we have had from their delighted new owners says it all...

Toby had been at New Beginnings Cat Rehoming in Gateshead for over 2 years.
His delighted new owner said: "Toby seems to be settling in really well and adjusting quicker than I expected! He's such a lovely cat"

Jenna had been with Cat Action Trust 1977, Doncaster South for over 3 years.
Her new owner explained: "Jenna has claimed all toys and furniture as hers! She is a little sweetheart and is becoming more friendly every day."

Austin had been at Maesteg Animal Welfare Society in Wales for over 2 years.
His smitten new owners told us: "He's an amazing cat, bright, fun and so loving. He loves our old dog Tilley and our other cat. We are so happy."

But we're not stopping there. Dotty and Elsa were the last cats to join the campaign and sadly, they are still looking for a home. We're keen to do more promotions for them and many other overlooked cats this year so look out for our special posts throughout 2021.

We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who shared, tweeted and posted about our 'Twenty for 2020' campaign. Your help enabled twenty-seven deserving, long-stay cats to find their forever homes.

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