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In Memory of Kitty

In remembrance of Kitty cat Who went to Rainbow Bridge on 4 July 2012

Our beautiful golden princess, you were so caring and loving, with the sweetest most uncomplaining nature of any cat we have ever known. You would rush to us when we came in and welcome us with your sparkling but very loud miaow. We loved to sing “All the single kitties” to you as you lifted your paw along. You loved playing “stringy”, chasing around after an old bit of string. You were so poorly but bore all your visits to the vet and treatments so bravely. We wanted to have longer with you and tried everything to save you, but it was so sadly not to be.

We miss you so much Kitty. The house is empty and cold without you. We can sometimes hear your little paw steps jumping down from the windowsill and hope that you are still close to us.

Sleep tight at Rainbow Bridge darling Kit and wait for us… xxx