Support Us: Host a Collection Pot

Could you host a Cat Chat Collection Pot at your workplace?
Do you run a Boarding Cattery or Vets Practice?
Host a collection pot at your Pub, Club or Cafe!

collection pot ccLoose Change adds up to... more Homed Cats!

If you run a boarding cattery, vets, pub, club, cafe or other public premises, or if you would like to host a collection pot for us at your workplace, please read on:

Collection Pots are a useful additional souce of funds for Cat Chat. Every penny really does count, so we would like to find more cat-friendly places to pop our pots please!

Each collection pot is individually numbered, with a security seal. We will also provide you with a replacement seal, for use when you empty the pot, and a receipt will be sent for all donations received from collection pots.

For many rescues Cat Chat is their 'Rehoming Lifeline'
All donations, however small, help to ensure the future of that lifeline

Interested? Here's what to do...

To enable us to monitor all allocated collection pots, we need to have full details of the person responsible for the hosting and emptying of the pot, and of the premises where the pot is to be sited. Hence, if you are able to host a collection pot on our behalf, you will need to write to us on the headed paper of the establishment where the pot is to be sited. We cannot send out collection pots purely in response to an email (this is to prevent fraudulent usage).

Please include the following details in a letter, and send it to the address below:

  • The name of the premises where the pot will be sited.
  • The full address of those premises, including postcode
  • Your full name
  • Your own full address (if different from the premises address)
  • Your position at the above premises (owner, manager, employee etc)
  • A contact phone number (not a mobile)
  • A contact email address
  • You should also sign the letter, agreeing to be the nominated 'Potholder'

Then, send your letter to:  Collection Pots, Cat Chat, PO Box 358, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 6YP   Important Notes:

1. If you are already known to us, you may apply for a pot by email, but we will still require the details outlined above.
2. If you are an employee applying for a pot to site in your workplace, you must first obtain the permission of your manager or superviser.
3. Our collection pots may NOT be used for street collections, or door-to-door collections unless specifically authorised by us and the necessary licence obtained. Collecting in this way is illegal without a licence.
4. You must be aged 18 years or over to apply for a Cat Chat collection pot. 
5. It is the Pothohlder's responsibility to ensure that reasonable precautions are taken regarding the safety of the pot and it's contents.  

As the old saying goes... 'Every Penny Counts'... Pennies mount up into Pounds, and Pounds help More Cats find Homes!

Thank You to those of you who host a Cat Chat collection pot!

Cats Needing Homes UK and Ireland