twenty for 2020 campaign

Throughout 2020 we identified those cats who had been in rescue care the longest, aiming to find homes for them all. But 2020 turned out to be far from normal! Of the 29 cats featured on our campaign, 25 are happily homed, but we still need to find the perfect homes for 4 cats. Your Share, Tweet or Post could do it.

2 Years in Rescue

!! HOMED !!
Toby had been the care of New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead for 2 years.

Toby ginger cat gateshead needs a homeThanks to your help, and his appearance on our campaign, ladies man Toby has found his ideal home, with a caring lady to give him all the love he deserves. His new owner told us:
"Toby seems to be settling in really well and adjusting quicker than I expected! He's such a lovely cat, I don't know why it's taken so long to find someone to give him a home."

His earlier years of a rough and ready lifestyle had taken its toll on Toby's health, and doctor's orders were for a quiet, indoor life and a special diet. A big softie at heart, seven year old Toby can now relax, play and enjoy his cosy new home.

Thanks to Toby's new 'mum' for sending this lovely photo (below) of Toby getting to grips with one of his new toys!

As part of Cat Chat's twentieth anniversary celebrations, all cats adopted from our campaign are homed with a parcel of goodies including HiLife Cat Food, a personalised cat collar from Kitty Collars and Feliway to help them adjust to their new life. All cats featured in the campaign are vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before adoption.

Our Twenty for 2020 campaign ran throughout the year (and into 2021) aiming to help cats like like Toby to find a new home. You can help by supporting our campaign. All you need to do is simply share our pages and posts on your social media so a much wider audience will see and read the stories of these fabulous felines. Together we can find them their perfect person!

Toby cat playing in his new home

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Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull“Everyone - or at least around half of us - loves a cute and cuddly little kitten. But not so many of us have the same soft spot for more mature or unwanted cats, whether strays or from unsuitable homes.

We, the Anderson family, have reared 25 feral cats and kittens over the years. Some went to good homes with friends and family. Some became our life-long companions and part of family history. Some are still with us today.

If you can commit to providing a long-term home for a shelter cat, please visit the Cat Chat website. Remember - a pussy-cat friend for a day is a friend for life.”

Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull