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Lemmy and Fraser
Do you lead a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle? Are you a metal head who would like a cat to match?
Here we have Lemmy and Fraser two semi feral best buddies who are looking for a home together. They came in separately from places where they were beating up people's domestic cats and causing havoc. After their little trip to the vets they settled down and now have a bromance going! They sleep together, head bump, wash each other and generally love each other, probably the first bit of love either has had in their lives.
Now here comes the problem! Whereas Fraser is a typical semi feral who often hides from people he doesn't know and keeps out of the way while his food is being sorted and pen tidied, Lemmy is a bit different. He rubs against his Fosterer's legs purring loudly, all the while trying to take a swipe at her. As can be seen, he is a big cat with large fangs and claws. He likes to play “lure the human into stroking me” and does little kitten miaows and tries to look sweet and innocent, even doing cute tongue bleps.
He is definitely a rock ‘n’ roll cat, would be ideal for rodent control as they will take one look at him and pack their bags. He hisses if someone he doesn't know is anywhere near their pen. Maybe you'd like a guard cat instead of a guard dog?
Seriously though I'm sure there is the right home waiting for them. Lemmy gets a recurrent touch of cat flu which doesn't affect his appetite at all and mainly gives him runny eyes and makes him a bit sneezy. He has been to the vet about this and she agrees this is likely stress related as he really needs to be out and about rather than in a pen. No children or people who are nervous of large cats. All they need is somewhere warm and dry to sleep, food and water and sensible people who appreciate a cat with a strong character.
  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Pair - Males
  • Fur colour:ยป See description
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Indoor/OutdoorOutdoor/Feral
  • Can live with children: No
  • Can live with dogs: Not Sure
  • Can live with other cats: Not Sure
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