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Mayola & kits
Mayola (mum, black & white) was found in someone’s garden just after giving birth. She adapted to living in a flat very quickly and is litter trained. She is protective of her kittens and wary of strangers but warmed up to us straight away. Always requests head rubs and food. An excellent cat mum who loves to sit under my chair while I work from home.

Fíadh (female) is the bossy one with calico colouring. Keeps her brothers in line, the biggest of the litter and an excellent climber. Zeca (male) is the curious one with spots on his back. Always the first to greet you and loves to explore. Has the best silent meow and enjoys staring competitions. Monty (male) is the chill one who is the smallest of the litter. Loves to curl up beside you and sleep. Talented at walking backwards and jumping over chair legs.

Mayola and her kittens would be suited to a loving home. The kittens are very playful and affectionate and have had a lot of human contact since day one. We are fostering the cats on behalf of Feline Friends. Therefore, we don't know the age of Mayola, but she appears to be quite young. The kittens were born on 3/9/2021 and as of the start of October are transitioning to kitten food and being litter trained.

Kittens need company (to keep them entertained and help them learn to socialise properly), and for this reason we look to rehome them together, or in pairs.
  • Status:Homed
  • Gender: » See description
  • Fur colour:» See description
  • Fur length:Shorthaired
  • Neutered/Spayed:Due to be neutered
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