Wythall Animal Sanctuary
Rehoming Cats & Kittens: West Midlands

Hello, my name is Pluto.

I came into the sanctuary as part of a small feral colony. We most likely were all born outside so had not had much contact with humans at all, apart form having food left out for us. When I first came here, I was feral and would not let anyone touch me, all I was happy about was being given food. My carers have spent a lot of time sitting with me and talking to me and I have now come around really well to my main carer who I see the most, and am getting there with other people I see regularly, just still a little wary. My carer says I am a very friendly boy when I know you well and she gets very happy now because I look at her with loving eyes. I do get very excited when I see her and I’ve even started to give her kisses! Here at the sanctuary, I am by no means feral at all now and really love attention and fuss so given time I will be the same in a home.

My carer did tell me to let you know that anyone who takes me on will need to put in just as much time and effort with me, give me the space I need and allow me to come to them at my own pace. I may revert to begin with and may be semi-feral again, but if you give me the patience that I need, I will soon come around. I will have to begin all of this whole trusting thing from the beginning, which I am scared about but I know that the next place I go to and people I meet will be forever. I am looking forward to having a home to call my own for the first time in my life! I do still get startled easily sometimes with loud noises or sudden movements but once I realise I know you and there’s nothing to be scared of, I will soon come running for a cuddle.

I do have quite a sensitive tummy so am currently on a special diet, although am very gradually being weaned onto a ‘normal’ food. If this doesn’t work for me then I will need to stay on the special sensitive food forever to help with my digestion issues.

I am looking for a very quiet home with adults only and no dogs to help me settle in at my own pace. I was originally looking for a home with another cat as my carers thought this would help me to settle in and help me feel safe and comfortable. However, now I have been here a while I have settled in very well and am so used to people now that my carer thinks I will be okay without another cat in the home. I have mixed here with some other cats, but don’t seem too bothered by them and just want attention from my carers. I am FIV positive, so if I were to go to a home with another cat, an FIV positive cat would be best however I could live with a non-FIV cat as long as my new owners are well aware of the risks that come with this and have researched into FIV.

I have formed a very close bond with my main carer and love her so much, I don’t like when she is paying attention to the other cats and will sit in my pen shouting at her haha! She loves me very much too, and says she will be sad to see me go, but she will be so excited to find me a perfect home, she called it “bittersweet” but I’m not sure what that means? She told me to tell you that I am one of the most loving cats she has ever known, and it has been such a rewarding experience for her to bring me round and get me to trust humans and it will be the same for anyone who takes me into their home. It may take me a while, but there is nothing better than the love I will give you once I know you’re not scary.

Due to being FIV positive, I do need to live as an indoor only cat with no access to outside unless in a specifically cat- secure garden or catio. Please note, a garden with ordinary fencing is not cat- proofed even if secure, other measures would need to be in place for Pluto to be able to safely go outside.

Please send an enquiry form with as much detail as possible if you are interested in giving me a home.

  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour:Tabby & White
  • Fur length:Shorthaired
  • Age(When Added):3 Year(s) Old
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Indoor/OutdoorIndoor Only
  • Can live with children: No
  • Can live with dogs: No
  • Can live with other cats: Yes
When contacting us, please mention that you found us through our Cat Chat Homing Page - thank you!