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Blue is a mixed up cat.  He originally lived with a woman who lived in a flat and bought him as a kitten, she pampered him with toys and treats and he was treated like a baby and was very spolit. The lady also had mental health issues which Blue picked up on, growing up and living in this environment with just one person and never going out affected Blue.  He started to develop a kind of seperation anxiety if she wasn't there and would fly into a rage or if he wanted a treat or a toy, he goes 'crazy' for Dreamies and these must be avoided as they over stimulate him. In the end although she loved Blue she could not cope with his outbursts and we had to go and collect him.  After 4 months in the cattery Blue had calmed down and was adopted again by an adult home who had Blue for over a year when something suddenly triggered an outburst and he bit and scratched one of his owners quite badly.  Now afraid of Blue they decided to return him to us.  Since coming back into the centre Blue has displayed his temper a few times by making a lot of noise usually when he has wanted food or a toy. He is obviously a bit bored as well at the centre but did need some time to calm down again. Accommodated in one of our outdoor cattery pens there is lots for him to see.

We are seeking a very special home for Blue who can cope with any mis-behaviour.  We are seeking a rural home this time.  Blue is very intelligent and needs space so that he is not over stimulated but also as a young energetic cat space so that he can roam and explore and fulfil his curiosity and not feel bored or frustrated by being confined in a cattery, house or a flat.   We would consider a home where he starts off outdoors - i.e a semi-feral home or where he starts indoors and can go in and out through a cat flap.     Blue seems to be fine with other cats but is frightened of dogs.  An adult home is essential.

To enquire about Blue please email: [email protected] 
  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour:Black & White
  • Age(When Added):4 Year(s) Old
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Indoor/OutdoorAccess to Outdoors
  • Can live with children: No
  • Can live with dogs: No
  • Can live with other cats: Yes
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