Consett Cat Rescue
Rehoming Cats & Kittens: Co. Durham
Born April 2022

Been in rescue since October 2022

A very shy gentle soul. He's still scared of unexpected noises and likes routine but when you get to know him he just loves strokes and chin tickles. He will hiss when scared but purely with fear there's not an aggressive bone in his body. He loves watching cat videos on tv and chasing a laser pointer. Originally part of a feral colony so loves other cats and gets on well with the other cats he's in foster care with. Will do well in a home with other gentle natured cats but he is unlikely to do so good on his own.

General Wording covering all our cats - read it as its important

This cat has been NEUTERED & MICROCHIPPED. Usually they are vaccinated too but if not vaccinated then we will pay for its vaccines once adopted. (If done at one of our vets).

The cat has been regularly treated for fleas and worms and of course is litter trained.

The is a HOUSE CAT. However we do agree that our cats can be allowed into a catio (best option) or a cat proofed garden (2nd best option) or allowed out supervised on a SECURE cat harness. Cats cannot open windows or locked doors so there is no excuse for not being able to keep them in.

Our cats have not usually been tested with dogs. But if they have it will be written in the specific description above.

Most of our cats can live with other cats but it will state in the specific description above if they cannot.

Most of our cats are unsuitable for households with small children, that’s any child not capable of closing a door behind them as they go in and out of the house. Our cats mainly come from feral backgrounds and if they get out you may not get them back. Children already brought up to respect animals and have compassion for them will fare much better with our cats. We promise to look at each family individually but if we say no, then you must accept that.

A quieter home is preferred again due to the background of our cats. Having put in the effort to take these cats and get them used to people, many loud noises or busy homes can be too much for them. Yes in time they will be even tamer but that’s not from day one so consider this when enquiring.

A non-smoking home is preferred (cats can get cancer from smoking too).

All our cats come with 4 weeks free Petplan cat insurance and therefore has been health checked by our vets.
Any known health issues are fully disclosed to owners along with a copy of the vet records.

Every cat has its own back story and you will be told its history as much as we know it. Nothing is made up, its available, warts and all.

We currently ask that people donate a minimum £150 for all our adoptions. This goes towards some of the costs we have incurred in providing the basics for each cat. All cats inevitably cost us much more than this basic amount. With huge rising vet costs this figure can also change over time.

In the current economic crisis, we ask people to make sure they can afford a cat and will be able to manage ongoing expenses, vet bills AND have provision for any emergency care etc. Please think very carefully and ask yourself if you can really afford to take on a luxury such as a pet at this time. They are a long term commitment. A common reason for people giving up their pets is lack of money.

We ask people look at the age of the cat and that the human should preferably outlive the cat. There is nothing more distressing than an animal having to be rehomed after it has been settled for years with its owners. A cat can live 15-20 years and maybe longer. A common reason for people giving up their cats is the owners dying or going into a care home. If you are nearing retirement age then be sensible and don’t ask for a kitten. Do not assume your family will step in, our experience shows us most families do not.

If you are interested in meeting any of our cats then as they are in foster care in private homes, it is by appointment only. You will need to read an information sheet first and then complete a questionnaire before being allowed to visit. This saves us time asking many questions as they are all on the questionnaire. Email or private message us (via our Facebook page at to ask for those documents.
  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour:Tabby & White
  • Fur length:Shorthaired
  • Age(When Added):2 Year(s) Old
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Indoor/OutdoorIndoor Only
  • Can live with children: No
  • Can live with dogs: No
  • Can live with other cats: Yes
When contacting us, please mention that you found us through our Cat Chat Homing Page - thank you!