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Rehoming Cats & Kittens: West Midlands
My Story So Far:

Hi, my name is Gecko.

I was brought to the sanctuary after appearing in someone’s garden and making a home for my self there. The kind people whose garden I found myself in were very kind people and already had shelters etc out in their garden as they already cared for some stray cats. The other cats told me if I stayed in this garden that they would help me, so I did! I was very scared of the people at first but they worked hard on trying to make friends with me and eventually began to win me around. They booked me into a vets to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and then started searching for a rescue space for me. (I did have my ear tipped which is commonly done to stray cats when neutered- this is when the vets remove the tip of the ear or put a mark on it so it can be recognised that we have been neutered. However, for some reason they took quite a big chunk from my ear, but this is nothing to be concerned about, I just have a distinctive ear!)

When I arrived at the sanctuary, I was very nervous of the humans but never nasty! I would just hide away and was a very shy boy, my carers could tell I really wanted a fuss but found it hard to trust them. They spent a good few months spending time me and sitting with me patiently, they never forced me to allow them to touch me as they wanted it to be on my terms and for me to choose when I felt comfortable enough to accept their touch. This is exactly what I need in my new humans too, someone who is happy to let me live in their home and settle at my own pace, I may not let you touch me for a while but if you give me space and patience, I will soon begin to feel comfortable and my carer tells me it will feel very rewarding for you when I then begin to trust you!

I am now a very vocal boy (my carers say my little squeaky meow is the cutest thing!) and will chat away to the humans when they are doing their jobs. I happily accept fuss and attention from people I know well, although can still be a little jumpy of sudden movements or loud noises. My carers think I would make a lovely companion to a human or two and think that if I am given the space I need while settling, I will do really well in a home environment. I’ve never had a home to call my own before, but I am really excited at the idea of having one of my very own and for it all to be mine! Somewhere I can live for the rest of my life and feel safe, have everything I need and also some humans that love me and I can trust.

I really, really, really LOVE toys! I only tend to play with them when I think the humans aren’t watching me, but they’ve told me they have spied on me a few times and watched me throwing around my toys and running up and down the corridors here chasing them! We all get to spend time out of our pens here at the sanctuary, and whenever I am out of my pen, I always bring all my toys out to have a play with! And so that the humans have to tidy them all up after me haha! They say they’re happy that I am happy though, I’m so glad I’ve realised that humans aren’t so scary after all. I also sometimes like to choose my own toys (steal them from the clean washing pile or toy boxes) and take them back into my pen with me, but don’t tell the other cats that! It means I get to choose all the best ones for myself!

Home I am Looking For:


I am looking for a special home. I am a lovely boy who will be an amazing little companion and best friend for a human(s), however I really need you to understand that I need time, patience and need you to be understanding while I’m settling in. I need humans who won’t rush me to allow them to touch me or give me attention, as this may ruin my trust and will make the whole process take even longer. PLEASE let everything be on my terms. I need a human(s) who is happy for me to live in their home alongside them, and I promise I will begin to trust you and soon enough I’ll be squeaking at you for fusses and attention, you just need to let me decide when I’m ready. My carers found that just sitting on the floor whilst talking to me and allowing me to come to them was the best way of gaining my trust, I will come closer each time as I gain my confidence. I also love food so using food to win me around will soon make us best friends!

Due to my nervous nature, I would not like to live with young children, and am looking for an adult only home. I could live with older teenagers if they are sensible and understand that I need space while settling in. I would prefer not to live with a dog as I think they would scare me. However, I do really love other cats and am clearly used to being around them. Whenever I’m out of my pen, I happily chat away to the others and roll around outside of their pens to say Hi! I’ve recently made friends with another cat here too. However, please read my medical history below as I do have a couple of conditions that could be passed to other cats, so if you adopted me with another cat then you would need to have researched into these and understand the risks involved with mixing me with other cats. My carers think that having another cat around would really help with my confidence so it would be lovely if I could live with another cat, however it isn’t essential. Perhaps if you don’t have another cat, you could think about getting me a friend in the future.

I am looking for a home as a strictly indoor cat due to the medical issues I have (please see medical history below), and also due to my nervous personality, I would be much happier and safer kept indoors.

Medical History:


When I first arrived at the sanctuary, I had quite a sensitive tummy and would have intermittent loose stools and diarrhoea. This was put down to me being a stray as it is quite common for cats who have been living outside and finding their own food, however after a while I had some tests done as it was a reoccurring issue. The tests showed that I had a nasty parasite called Giardia, so I had to have some medication to help me fight away the nasty bugs. Thankfully, the medication worked and once I had finished the course of treatment, further tests showed I was all clear. Sadly though, my stools didn’t improve as much as my carers had hoped, so after another few weeks I had another stool sample sent off for further testing. This showed that I am a carrier of a couple of things, which is quite common in cats who have been stray and lived outside whilst living around lots of other cats.

I am a carrier of a virus called Coronavirus (different to the human version). This is a very common virus for cats to carry as most cats have come into contact with it at some point in their life. A lot more research has been done into this virus in recent years and studies have shown that over 40% of cats carry Coronavirus, but symptoms only show in a small number of cats. So, a lot of cats (especially cats who go outside) probably have the virus, but will never show any symptoms so therefore their owners and vets will never know that they have it. If you’ve had cats before, they may even have had it but you’d never have known unless they were specifically tested for it like I was. So, please don’t let this put you off giving me a home! My carers tell me the other cats here may have it too, but there would be no need to test every single cat, and the only time we are tested is if we show symptoms such as sensitive tummies. My carers say although it is useful to know that I have it as it could have been a cause of my sensitive tummy, it is a bit annoying as it may now put off potential adopters from giving me a home. I really hope someone is out there who will do their research to see just how common it is though, maybe this could be you and you can be my new human?

The other thing I have is an increased amount of a bacteria called Clostridium Perfringens. This is most likely due to me eating whatever I could find when I was living as a stray when I had to fend for myself. My carer has attached a link below so you can read about this. I did not need any antibiotics or treatment for this due to the type found in my faeces, however I have been put onto a high fibre diet which is working really well, and I now have normal stools and have done for a while now, so the food is definitely helping. This shows that it was most likely this that was causing my sensitive tummy and not the coronavirus.

As I must have had this long-term prior to coming to the sanctuary, I will need to remain on my special food and also a fibre supplement powder added to my food (this comes in a big tub which lasts a long time and is inexpensive) for the rest of my life as it really helps me and has made me a much healthier boy.

Diarrhea Due to Clostridium perfringens in Cats | PetMD

Neither of these conditions are serious, and only cause illness occasionally in some cats. I am doing really well now I’m on my special food and am generally a healthy boy. If I came into rescue the way I am now, I wouldn’t even need to be tested for these conditions as I am no longer showing signs. This does prove though that the high fibre diet is helping me immensely, so it is imperative that I am kept on this and hopefully I will need no further treatment for either of these silly bugs for the rest of my life. I really hope someone will still give me a home.

  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour:Black
  • Fur length:Shorthaired
  • Age(When Added):4 Year(s) Old
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Indoor/OutdoorIndoor Only
  • Can live with children: No
  • Can live with dogs: No
  • Can live with other cats: Yes
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