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Mr Gently
One head-bump from me is worth 1000 from any other kitty.  Willows say I’m extra-special. Here’s why.

I was living on the streets for OVER 8 YEARS. I had a home of my own once, it must have been a very quiet home. I don’t know if my owner died, or if I somehow lost my way.

I’m so very very shy and spooked by any noises and movement. I found some nice humans in the neighbourhood who fed me and made a shelter. One of them gained my trust. After 8 years they called Willows for help.

My Willows foster mammy made me a hidey-camp and she waited…. and waited… and waited. Each day she talked to me gently, left food, refreshed my water and took away my poos. I have come to trust her. She knows I love chin and tummy tickles. I will unfurl and purr and let her do it non-stop… till her arm and fingers ache.

I finally trust her enough to sit beside her on the sofa close enough she can stroke me. I give head bumps for more attention. she says I melt her heart.

I am so soooo timid, a gentle soul. I would never lash-out; instead I run away and hide if I’m scared.

Willows say I’m an extra-special boy and will only allow the best of the best to adopt me. A SELFLESS person who wants to help ME. A ten star home. Someone settled in life with a super-quiet life. No children EVER. No other pets EVER. Someone with plenty spare time. Because deep down I’m lonely and want company it’s just I find it so very hard to trust.  You’d need to be the most patient human in the world, not mind that I will hide at the slightest noise. Know that I might take weeks before I even show myself enough for you to touch me. Know you’ll have to let me settle in one room first, gain your trust before you let me into the next room and so on. You’ll be in it for the long haul. Someone who can make sure I have any vet care as and when as soon as I need it like all older or vintage kitties when things start to fail. But for now I am good, I’m just preparing you for future.

I know by now I’ll have put a lot of you kind people off. But that’s a good thing because Willows know the home I need is so specific and special.

I know Willows is asking a LOT, but the REWARD will be 1000-fold when you realise you’ve given me a new life and I unfurl for the first time for you. When I quietly purrrr for the first time, when I lick your hand for the first time. And each little baby step I take towards trusting you. My foster lady says one head-bump from me is worth a thousand from any other kitty. Because she knows it MEANS so very very much.

I hope the right home is out there for me. I trust Willows to somehow find it, however long that takes.

Call Lisa 07989540342

Paws sincerely
Mr Gently

  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour:Tabby
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Can live with children: No
  • Can live with dogs: No
  • Can live with other cats: No
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