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Cats Needing Homes - Isle of Wight
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Pound Kitten Rescue

Nancy - neutered female, 9 months approx.

Pound Kitten Rescue

Sammy - neutered female, 9 months approx.

Pound Kitten Rescue

BEBE - neutered female, 9 months approx.

Pound Kitten Rescue

Charlie - Neutered Female, 10 years

Pound Kitten Rescue

BOB - neutered male, 8 months approx.

Rocket and Diesel
Pound Kitten Rescue

ROCKET and DIESEL - neutered male, 2 years approx.

Tabby cat
Pound Kitten Rescue

Tabby Cat - neutered male, 5 years approx.

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Most shelters across the country are full with cats needing a home, even if they have not yet been listed on Cat Chat! For details of shelters who will have cats needing homes in this area, click below.