Cats Needing Homes - London (West)
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Flossy age 5 girl - only cat
Strawberry Persian Pedigree Cat Rescue UK

lapcat girl, needs to be only cat

Bushy Tail Cat Aid

Indoor, only pet, posh princess

Lulubells Rescue

Frazzle, an older cat, deserves a better life with loving owners.

Street Animals & Pix ’n’ Mix Pedigree Rescue

Lovely Azoz

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Mateo is a shy boy but will blossom with a loving and patient adopter

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Loving Ziggy is a sensitive boy looking for a calm home

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Handsome Silas misses having a garden to play in!

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Beautiful Zoe will make a wonderful family pet

Lulubells Rescue

A beautiful friendly white and black cat

Coffee and Ginge
Lulubells Rescue

a bonded pair, - Besties - who must stay together

Battersea at Old Windsor

​Bentley is a sweet and affectionate cat with an excitable nature!

Lulubells Rescue

A surrender from the Metropolitan Police hence his name!!

Lulu & Panda
Lulubells Rescue

Adorable mum and kitten needing a loving home

Molly & Tyson
Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Friendly, playful and gorgeous - perfect family kitties!

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Handsome, gentle Hodge loves to purr and sit on your lap

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Inquisitive Archie is a gentle, lovely boy who knows his own mind!

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Handsome boy Naughty is sensitive, loving and playful

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Beautiful, playful Snowdrop needs a calm, loving and experienced home

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Most shelters across the country are full with cats needing a home, even if they have not yet been listed on Cat Chat! For details of shelters who will have cats needing homes in this area, click below.