Cats Needing Homes - London (West)
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Cat & Kitten Rescue

Beautiful 10 month old tabby

Bushy Tail Cat Aid

A young kitty suitable for adopters experienced in taming cats

Amber and Alex
Bushy Tail Cat Aid

Indoor kittens looking for a home with a catio or secured windows

Amelia and Albert
Bushy Tail Cat Aid

Indoor kittens looking for a home with a catio or windows secured

Battersea at Old Windsor

Fluffy is a sweet and affectionate cat who loves a fuss

Feline Friends London

Affectionate playful girl needs home with garden

Feline Friends London

Lovely Lily needs a calm experienced home

Milkwood (Woody)
Feline Friends London

Lovely sociable playful young fella

Feline Friends London

Sweet, sensitive girl needs calm home

Slim Shady
Feline Friends London

Slim is a fantastic companion cat

Madigan (FIV+)
Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Lovely boy Madigan is friendly and cheerful, even purring for the vet!

Bonjeck (FIV+)
Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Sweet Bonjeck is heeling and will blossom with love, time and care

Dahlia & Snowdrop
Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Shy but gentle sisters need a loving, quiet home together

Catcuddles Sanctuary (The)

Sweet, friendly girl, who purrs and will roll over for a belly rub

Feline Friends London

Beautiful old gent needs loving retirement home

Otis & Redding
Feline Friends London

Cuddly sociable pair need indoor home /secure garden

Lulubells Rescue

Churchill our feral tom

BSH girl Suzuki 1 yr
Strawberry Persian Pedigree Cat Rescue UK

Gorgeous girl good cats and dogs indoor only fine as only cat

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Most shelters across the country are full with cats needing a home, even if they have not yet been listed on Cat Chat! For details of shelters who will have cats needing homes in this area, click below.