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Please support us and help cover George’s vet costs
Fri, 14 Jan 2022
Please support us and help cover George’s vet costs This is George, estimated 10 years old, reported to us as a stray with a sore eye. An appeal to find his family was unsuccessful. From what we can gather George has been in the same area of Glasgow for a number of years with a few people feeding him, but all thinking the same thing … that he had a family somewhere.

George was brought into our care on 4 January 2022 and admitted into the vet to be assessed. It was during his assessment the vet discovered the gruelling truth with regards to his eye injury …. they found an air rifle pellet in his eye and sadly his eye had to be taken out. George also has other health issues and will need more vet treatment over the coming weeks/ months. 

We don’t like asking for donations, but due to the pandemic and the knock-on effect it has had on our fundraising over the past 21 months, which has resulted in a huge reduction of income to help support us and cover vet fees we need your help to fund George’s vet costs.

You can donate on our website by clicking the following link:

Please click the box that says “One-Off gift”, enter amount, click continue and in the comments box please type “George”

Please note that we are “not” looking for a home for George just now and he is not available for adoption as ongoing enquiries are being conducted into who inflicted his injury.

Over the weeks we will keep you updated on how George is progressing.
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