Little Cottage Rescue
Looking for an 'indoor cat'??
Wed, 19 Jul 2017
Many people these days live in flats or by busy roads, 'indoor cats' are
an opportunity to share a cats world and both be happy and safe.

Some cats need to live in an indoor environment, this could be due to a
medical condition, such as sight or hearing loss, or a carrier of an
infection. They may simply not want to go outdoors, possible finding it
too scary due to a trauma earlier in life.
FIV is a feline virus which means the cats immunity is lowered and can
also be passed on to other cats if they were to bite or mate.
More is known of FIV now (there is a lot of information on the internet)

We often have cats available who need indoor homes and can give advice
on how to make their lives happy.

If you would like to find out more please email or ring us for a chat about 
adopting one of these cats
[email protected] 07749688823
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