Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue
Tue, 17 Apr 2018

We are a very small and very new group.  The cats we have in our care are all treated with the love and respect we give our own beloved pets.  We have purpose built accommodation, inspected and approved, for our cats and they are very well looked after and are safe.  Over time, we hope to find them permanent homes, with each one going to a home that is right for their individual needs and each owner adopting a cat that is a good match for them and their circumstances and lifestyle.  Unlike large groups, we have no time frame within which a cat has to have been adopted, regardless of the quality of home offered. We do not want to be responsible for neglected or unwanted cats further down the line because of ill matched pairings.  Bearing in mind that most of the cats we come across have already been let down by at least one person in the past, we are happy to wait for the right home.  A bit of a wait to find a home where a cat could live for ten or fifteen years or more, with no worries, is worth waiting for.  
Though we are tiny and have no money at all, other than our own, we can guarantee that the cats have everything they need in terms of food etc and any vet treatment needed.  More resources would be a bonus for our beautiful cats but they are okay.  In time of course we hope to have more people on board and to spread our wings in many directions.  We would be delighted if anybody would consider helping us in one way or another, dependent on their interests etc - we want to explore all sorts of things with lovely, caring people in the interests of our precious cats.  Please, do consider contacting us if only for a bit of a chat, if you are even vaguely interested in helping us to help the cat a little or more than this.  07477926973/[email protected]  Even if you decide it is not for you, it would be so lovely if you got in touch.  Thank you.