Strawberry Persian Pedigree Cat Rescue UK
Rehoming Cats & Kittens: England & Wales
We rehome indoor only pedigree-looking cats in England & Wales, usually around Worcs, Essex, East London, Durham and West Midlands.
These include Persians, Persian Exotics, Maine Coons, NFC, Ragdolls, Birmans, Burmese, Siberian, Siamese, British Blue (and other colours of British Shorthair) and others. We no longer take in Bengal cats. We don't rehome with children under 8. For location of cats, please see individual listings.
When contacting us, please mention that you found us through our Cat Chat Homing Page - thank you!
Please Note: Email is our preferred method of contact.
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Last Updated: 15/05/2024
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TeddyEdward Adopted 14/05/24

Beautiful orange eyed boymatched with Victoria Chris's

Maisie Adopted 08/05/24

Loving older girl with one blue and one orange eye and loves cats dogs

Mavis adopted 08//05/24 Claire

Loving grey persian girl saved by Strawberry - great with other cats!

Bluebell Adopted 06/05/24

Loving, gorgeous 3 year old girl persian lapcat adopted by Anna Raylei

Oscar - Adopted 25/04/24

Loving Chinchilla persian, loved dogs

Jessica - Adopted 08/04/24

One-eyed perisan kitten, sweet and tolerant

Totem to be Adopted 25/03/24

Part-Oriental ginger tabby boy

Andie Adopted 22/03/24

Beautiful tortie persian girl aged 7

Jamie Adopted 26/02/24

Affectionate Maine Coon girl

Joyce Adopted 29/02/24

Brown tabby persian girl

Poirot (Adopted 29/02/24)

Ridiculously loving bi-colour persian boy

Mike Adopted 20/04/24

Young BSH, beautiful orange eyes

Pippa adopted 20/04/24 James

Beautiful chinchilla persian girl

Jasper (Fee paid 14/02/24)

Playful BSH boy

Jasmine (fee paid 14/02/24)

Young bi-colour BSH girl

Evie Adopted 04/02/24

Little cinnamon tortie BSH girl

Teddy Adopted 04/02/24

Huge cinnamon BSH boy, very loving

Chonk Adopted 04/02/24

Handsome big marmalade BSH boy

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