GOOD CATKEEPING - A Comprehensive Guide to All Things Feline 

By Diane Morgan 

311 pages of indispensable information about all aspects of cat ownership and care. 

We found this to be a well-written, accessible guide for anyone seeking to expand their cat-care knowledge, whether you are a first-time cat owner or an experienced cat-owned person! It contains good advice on how best to provide a happy, healthy home for your feline family member(s), covering advice for caring for kittens to seniors and lots of practical stuff too. Subjects covered range from choosing the right cat for you, nutrition, exercise, feline behaviour, illnesses and first aid, to introducing new cats, moving house, and dealing with pet loss and bereavement. 

Please Note: This is an american book, and therefore certain words are spelt the american way, but this in no way detracts from what is an exceptionally useful volume. For example one American term included in this book is `altering` your cat - this simply means Neutering or Spaying. 

Diane Morgan spent many years working in animal rescue. She is a college professor of philosphy and literature, and is an award-winning writer of many pet care books.  


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Book - Good Catkeeping by Diane Morgan

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