Advice Please, strays inside or ?....

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Advice Please, strays inside or ?....

Post by jeremiah »

Hello readers,

I really would like some advice and opinions. I live in a private setting (mostly), i have three female outside cats that have little houses built for them and they are provided food and water. they have also been spayed. i live in a two story mid to small home. Inside I have 6 male cats and 1 female. there are three kids and two adults. we would like to have a bigger home and will try but we might be stuck where we are but idk. If i were to move and we couldnt find a place in country thats private my three outsiders which ive raised since birth (basically) would be left behind i guess. i couldnt take them into the city. I could bring them with me and brind them inside, however if we dont move SOON they could reach the age were front declawing could be to risky. I must have them front declawed (please no opinions on this). So what should I do regarding this. Also I have a stray that stops by frequently now to eat and hes a kind cat. Recently ive seen a few other stray popping in. i could have a bunch. i have a hard time not helping cats. Im getting to the point now where the one stray id like to bring in as well. So Im thinking... do I bring in the three females and one male from outside inside... then i would have 11 cats inside with three kids and two adults. Is this just to much? But if i could bring them all in then I wouldnt have any worry about moving and leaving cats behind or having more strays to feed. i also feed the damn raccoons because the steal their food! So what the heck should i do? Please give me your thoughts opinions advice and questions. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks
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Re: Advice Please, strays inside or ?....

Post by Jacks »

Jeremiah, I think you've probably answered your own question in the sense that you are wanting to bring your outdoor three in and incorporate them - but this may not be an easy task. Cat dynamics always change anyway when you introduce new cats - and certainly if there's a huge chance in lifestyle. As for how many is too much - people differ greatly on this but I would say too much is where there is detriment to health and wellbeing, whether it be human or kitty...

There are some links on this forum to help with bonding. Please be aware though that although it's .org this is a UK forum and declawing is illegal in this country, so although you don't want comments you might get some...
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Re: Advice Please, strays inside or ?....

Post by Grace56 »

Declawing! It's barbaric and cruel and utterly unnecessary. :evil: Thats my opinion!
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Re: Advice Please, strays inside or ?....

Post by Hunnybunny »

Please don't come onto a UK cat lovers forum and try to gloss over declawing and expect us not to comment!!!

It is outlawed in most civilised countries for a reason. Its completely inhumane and done purely for the convenience of owners and the greed of vets.....

If it came down to declawing and taking them or leaving them where they are LEAVE THEM un mutilated.

No human has the right to cause such disgusting abuse on any creature just to save the furniture.......!!!!!!!
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