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Milo - Scottish fold x Persian
Milo is a sweet Scottish Fold x Grey tabby persian boy who adored dogs in his previous home (where he was very much loved). Also visiting cat was welcomed by him!

The gene that gives Scottish Folds their folded ears sadly also makes the cartilage throughout their body fail, causing them great pain and mobility problems, but luckily Milo's collapsed cartilage seems to be limited only to his ears. Like all Scottish Folds, he will be more prone to ear infections.

Milo enjoys being brushed and needs lots of love! He used to have a neighbouring cat visit him and got on with him, so should be fine with other gentle cats.

Vet-checked, neutered, microchipped, flea'd and wormed.

Worcester location.

Adoption fee £425
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Before applying for a Strawberry cat please read the following:
  1. Unless otherwise stated, our cats are strictly indoor-only. This means that windows/doors cannot be left open in any room to which the cat has access. A cat cannot be trained to be indoor-only; it must be supervised. All members of the house must be in agreement and understand about keeping doors and windows closed. We are happy to re-home to a flat but, likewise, this means windows closed and no balcony access, unless the balcony is totally cat-proofed (netting all the way), same is true for roof terraces, so that they cannot drop to their death.

  2. Unless otherwise stated, we do not re-home to households with children under 8 years old. If there is nothing stated to contrary, assume the cat cannot go to a home with any children under eight. For other cats, please also bear in mind that some cats may also be found to be unsuitable, even for children over 8. WE DO NOT HOME WITH PEOPLE PLANNING CHILDREN, AS SO MANY CATS ARE GIVEN UP JUST BECAUSE CHILDREN ARRIVE OR CATS DEVELOP BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES AFTER BABIES ARRIVE.

  3. It is a requirement of our adoption policy that lifetime insurance is obtained and maintained for every cat adopted. We provide 5 weeks' free insurance with every adoption, but the original policy may not suit you, and as we are not financial advisors, you should seek out the best and appropriate insurance to suit your own needs.

  4. Most cats are in Greater London, Essex or Worcestershire (an hour from Birmingham), with some fostered further afield like Durham at times. See each listing for details; if not detailed it will be Greater London, London or Worcs. Cats cannot be adopted by public transport; you must be able to collect by car or get a taxi home from fosterer's home (many get a lift or get a taxi home with cat and things.

If you are happy with the above criteria and want to enquire further or reserve a cat, please email [email protected]
  • Status:Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour:Grey & White
  • Fur length:Longhaired
  • Breed: Scottish Fold
  • Age(When Added):3 Year(s) Old
  • Neutered/Spayed:Neutered
  • Indoor/OutdoorIndoor Only
  • Can live with children: Not Sure
  • Can live with dogs: Yes
  • Can live with other cats: Yes
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