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Based in East London / Essex, with fosterers in Kent, Essex, London / Greater London, Norfolk and NE England. Rehoming throughout all of England, Wales and Scotland. Finding homes for Persians, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Siamese, Orientals, Siberian, Persian Exotics, British blues and any other pedigree looking cats.
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Last Updated: 25/02/2017
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Young oriental cross

Maggie, gentle girl INDOOR

Sweet and gentle loving lady gorgeous companion dumped unwanted

Rserved - Carlos

Carlos - black Persian


Hamish - Persian / Angora blue eyes boy


Persian / Turkish angora blue eyes girl


Loving persian doll faced girl


blind kitten great with other cats

Baby and Babycakes

Baby and Babycakes - lovely white haired pair!

Tiger and Alfie -persians pair

Tiger and Alfie are a close pair aged 4 and 7 persians fine other cats

Carter - colourpoint kitten

He loves other cats and is very affectionate Persiany chap

Smokey Tim - Big tabby boy

sweet, gentle, ultra chilled, peaceful, kind, loving and very handsome

Biscuit - INDOOR blue eyed

Seal point blue eyed pedigree


Gilbert - loving oriental cross

TJ oriental x boy 1 year old

TJ - loving young chap

Mittens & Gracie ragdoll pair

Lovely Ragdoll pair girls indoor only no other pets

Desmond - INDOOR Chinchilla

Desmond - stunning Chinchilla Persian - no children, no other pets

Renee - INDOOR BSH - Reserved

BSH Blue female

Reserved - Alfie l

Alfie loving cudlly boy!

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