Celia Hammond Animal Trust - Lewisham
Tue, 11 Feb 2014

These are a group of older semi-feral cats.

CHAT neutered and returned this colony of cats a number of years ago. The person who fed them and let them live in her garden moved and the property was bought by a building company who planned to convert it into flats so we had no option but to bring the cats back into our care as they no longer had a home or someone to feed them.

The cats used to live in the garden but go into her kitchen to be fed.

Two old cats are tame and one of them has a head tilt so we are seeking a comfy indoor retirement home for them.

Some are only 4-5 years old and require caring semi-feral homes where they will have shelter and plenty of good food.

Others are elderly ferals not really up to fulfilling a role as a rodent patrol at a feral home, some in fact have no teeth left. For these we require some very nice people who just want to give some old ferals a comfy retirement home with plenty of soft cat food!

To enquire about these cats please contact Lewisham Branch on 020 8694 6545 or email [email protected]