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Tributes (Remembrance gallery)

gemini and george, feline founders of Cat ChatRemembering with love, those special cats who have left pawprints on your heart.

Our Remembrance Gallery is a place to remember your much loved cats, and a way to pay a real tribute to them, by helping rescued cats find the homes they need. Therefore, we ask for a small donation to place your tribute here.

Tributes will remain on the Remembrance Gallery for a minimum of one year. Donations made in memory of a loved pet help us to help more cats out of shelters and into homes, across the UK and Ireland. We respectfully ask that tributes are kept to within 100 words, thank you.

Place a Remembrance Tribute


In Remembrance of Emma catI will see you in another life Emma.

You were so loved xxx

In Remembrance of Sasha, Jodie and Caesar catI remember my first dog Sasha, a Jack Russell who died of pancreatitis and my cats Jodie & Caesar, who died of cancer.

These lovely animals were my treasured pets who were there through thick and thin.

In Remembrance of Erasmus catErasmus - 16.04.20

After 17 happy years with us and after 20 on this earth it was time for you to leave us.
While our hearts are full of sorrow, our minds are full of memories.
You made us all smile somehow, every single day.
We will love you forever, our Razzy.

Fraser, Angela Chloe & Isobel xx

In Remembrance of Pepsi catIn memory of Pepsi

Taken so early but we had seven years of your love.
Enjoy yourself at the rainbow bridge.
Bye bye sweetheart until we meet again.

Mummy & Daddy xxx

In Remembrance of Gryffindor catOur precious little boy who we had to let go on Nov 13th 2019 with very heavy hearts.

Missing you EVERY day. You brought us such joy furry pants, we will always miss you. Enjoy Rainbow Bridge with all your new friends.
Love you always Monkey.

Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxx

In Remembrance of Eevee catMy darling Eevee, taken too soon.

You were so full of character, loving and affectionate. I'll keep you in my heart forever and a little piece of my heart has crossed rainbow bridge with you.

In Remembrance of Treacle catTreacle

My little man what can I say; I regret the decision to send you to pussy cat heaven, although, I know you were not well it breaks my heart so much even now nearly 5 years on I keep you by my side in your black cat urn... Mika your friend who you brought home one day then his brother Fred miss you like mummy so so much.... I hope all Mummy’s other babies met you at rainbow bridge...

My companion, my friend always, Mummy loves you treacle toes xx

In Remembrance of Edith catOur darling Edith.

You left paw prints on our hearts. We loved your feisty spirit and will miss you always. Thank you for the years our darling girl.

Mabel, Harry, Elijah and Olive xx

In Remembrance of Misty catOur sweet, gentle girl Mindy,

with her funny habits and special Mindy noises, came to us from CP and was with us for 18 years. We had to say goodbye at the end of October 2019 and we can't believe she's gone. We just miss her so much.

Rest in peace, Mindypops - from your devoted human slaves, Sue & Roger

In Remembrance of Sheba catMy darling Sheba, 1999 - 23/8/19.

Daddy is heartbroken. I think of you everyday sweetie. I cry as your no longer here. You were always by my side, on my lap & my bed at night. You were such a bonny, loving & endearing wee soul. I so miss your love & your endless chatter. See you soon ‘Chucky’, love of my life. You will be forever in my heart & in my thoughts.

Love & miss you, always, Daddy xxxxxx

In remembrance of Satchmo cat07.07.19

My brave boy Satchmo, run free my beautiful zen boy.

Let’s meet again.

In remembrance of Smokey catDarling Smokey,

Though your time with us was brief, your pawprints on our hearts are deep and indelible. Your incessant meowing drove us crazy but oh how we miss it now.
We hope Merlin was waiting for you at the bridge.

Sleep peacefully & pain free, love Mum & Dad.

In remembrance of Tabby catOur beautiful Tabby

Thank you for the 20 wonderful years of love and joy You were the most beautiful gentle soul and such a special part of our family. The most special little cat we could have wished for. Forever in our hearts - forever part of our family. Be happy with Tom on rainbow bridge - until we meet again. Loving you always sweet girl.

Fiona, Ross, Amelia, Issie and, of course, your little friend Penny

In Remembrance of Lashy catLeaping Lashy Long Legs,
Mighty Lashkar Gah, Lashy, Bashy, Dashy, Crashy, Charlie Chocolate Monkey!
Little Man My Oriental Gentleman
My darling Blue Eyed Boy.

In Remembrance of Matty May catMay 2004 - 8 Jan 2019

My dear little Spanish friend and companion. We had such a friendship together and helped me through some hard times. I brought you back with me 5 yrs ago. 
Sadly I didn't get to say goodbye to you 3 weeks ago. I thought I was going to bring you back home with me that day you left for your operation. 
I knew in my heart you were not well but would have given the world to help you.
Will remember you as long as I am able to.

Love, your Mum & Paul xx

In Remembrance of Merlin catOur darling Merlin November 12th 2018

You turned up about 3 years after we moved in here. You barged your way into our home and into our hearts, you chose us.
12 years later and our hearts are broken but we hope you are at peace and we thank you for all the cuddles, chats and joy you brought into our lives.

Forever in our hearts, your Mum & Dad xxx

In Remembrance of Ted catIn Memory of Ted, Our beautiful boy & best mate 2006 - Dec 2018

Now on his forever walk; chasing butterflies; sitting under his favourite tree; looking up at the stars.

So missed.

In Remembrance of William catRemembering my beloved boy 

My precious rescue boy, I hope you are running free with Oskar at Rainbow Bridge having the time of your lives.
Mam's heart is so full of love for you, miss you each and every day.

Forever and always my love, your Mam. XXxXX

In Remembrance of Oskar catRemembering my Oskar November 13 2012.

My precious rescue boy, I hope you are running free with William at Rainbow Bridge having the time of your lives.
Mam's heart is so full of love for you, miss you each and every day.


In remembrance of Hachi cat My Darling Beautiful Boy Nov 2012 - Nov 2014

You were taken too early my darling boy, Mommy is sorry she was unable to take you home to rest but a part of you will always be in my heart. Mommy misses your little cheeky face, character and your zest for life. The thought of not being able to touch, hear, see, smell and feel you is heartbreaking.
But I know we will meet soon with you teasing Chika and eating your yummy tuna, play hard and remember Mommy loves and misses you.

Mommy, Nanuk, Minoes and Kiki

In Remembrance of Lucy catIn memory of our much loved cat, Lucy.
We had you in our lives for over 7 years out of your 20 year life.

A very special friend so sadly missed

In Remembrance of Squeak catMy funny and cuddly darling Squeak lost his fight to a tumour on March 21st 2018.
I held his paw through his last hours while his brother Bubble held mine.
We miss Squeak so much although he is still very much part of our home.

I will love you always Squeak, from your devoted Mum and Bubble. xx

In Remembrance of Bertie catMy darling Bertie oh how much I miss you so;
you were my sunshine, my everything, my whole world.

Sleep well

Love you so much

In Remembrance of Felicia catFelicia 2000-2018

Sadly missed every day.
Devastated you had to go. 
Rest in peace princess, you’ll never be forgotten. 
Fly high in kitty heaven.

Lots of love.

Your humans xxxx

in remembrance of Ekomoon catEkomoon 2/4/08 - 15/1/18

My big loving boy, Elliot's best friend and protector; sorry I couldn't do more to help you at the end, you left far to soon but always know you are missed and loved so much every day, have fun with Elliot.

Till we are all together again, Dad

In remembrance of Elliot catElliot 20/4/94 - 2/2/17

Boss cat to my gentle old man, through the tough times to the best, always by my side, I know you will be looking after Ekomoon till I have you sat in my lap again.

Love and miss you every day, Dad

in remembrance of Mimi catMy darling Mimi,

the funniest, naughtiest, most beautiful girl, forever my baby.

Your loving Mummy xxx

In remembrance of Henry catIn loving memory of Henry, a much beloved cat.

Henry was a funny, cuddly, loving and adorably fluffy cat. He was very playful and spirited. 

He is terribly missed and very much loved.

in remembrance of Manx catIn memory of my very special, bright, gentle, loving fur boy Manx cat who sadly died today 20/12/2017 after bravely battling a long illness. Just 12 years old. Forever in my heart and missed so very very much. Play hard at Rainbow Bridge Manx.

Love you always, Mum.

In remembrance of Moon catIn memory of our beautiful girl, Moon. Sadly taken from us on 9th November 2017.

We all love you lots xx

In remembrance of Saffie catSaffie, my beautiful furry alarm clock always first to greet me in the morning you are so missed. Having to say goodbye was so hard but ending your suffering was the right thing to do and now you can bask in the sun and fly to the moon to your hearts content.

We love you Saffie xxxx

In remembrance of Snowy catIn memory of Snowy - 14th Jun 2017

Snowy was lost in a car accident in eastern Libya. We hope she is well and that there is still a reunion ahead. Nono is more than a pet, she is a family member. From how she slept at my feet, to how she made my mum - her grandma – go crazy over her, to how she would never let me video chat in peace, she is loved.

I know you’re out there, and if I never see you again, I hope your new home is as comfy as the last Nonz.


In Remembrance of Tiger catTiger – our boy who died a year ago today.

We still miss you and your special sweetness. How you couldn’t meow so squeaked instead. How you sat in the garden surrounded by birds and never chased them. The time you got stuck under the wheel arch of our neighbours’ car and they had to call the fire brigade. The numerous medications you needed in your later years. The decision we had to make to end your pain was very hard, but we realise it was for the best.

We hope you are enjoying yourself with your sisters at Rainbow Bridge.

In Remembrance of Ziggy catDear Ziggy.

We know you can still hear us, and that spiritually we are still together. But the loss of your physical presence after 17 wonderful years, has broken our hearts. We will be strong and happy again soon, as that is what you would want. You were funny, sensitive, magical and beautiful and we know that the bright new shining star above our home tonight is you.

We love you Ziggy Sawdust, and we always will.

Mummy and Daddy xxx

In Remembrance of Thomas catThomas 2000 - 2017

Wonderful and loving kitty, you helped me through difficult times, missing you always xxx

In Remembrance of Abby cat


Darling Abby, our little princess cat.

Taken too soon from us.

In remembrance of Tia CatIt was such a shock when the vet told us that it was kinder to let you go my Darling Tia. You were only 12 and you'd always been so fit.
We will always miss your sweet, cute, happy little face and those little hops you used to do, your impatience when Mummy got home from work and you wanted a cuddle and a warm lap.
Hope Grandpa is looking after you.

All our love Mummy, Daddy and Murphy xxxx

In remembrance of Pumpkin catPumpkin Went to Rainbow Bridge on 27.09.2016 aged 14 years.

Our beloved, beautiful girl. You were so loving and put up such a brave fight against your illness. We will miss your leaping across us on the bed, your head butts, stroking your chin, your voracious appetite and even when you went meezicle hunting. We will miss your cheery greeting whenever we came home and singing to you. We will miss you every minute of every day and you are in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.

Nighty night darling. All our love xxx

In remembrance of Kitty cat Who went to Rainbow Bridge on 4 July 2012

Our beautiful golden princess, you were so caring and loving, with the sweetest most uncomplaining nature of any cat we have ever known. You would rush to us when we came in and welcome us with your sparkling but very loud miaow. We loved to sing “All the single kitties” to you as you lifted your paw along. You loved playing “stringy”, chasing around after an old bit of string. You were so poorly but bore all your visits to the vet and treatments so bravely. We wanted to have longer with you and tried everything to save you, but it was so sadly not to be.

We miss you so much Kitty. The house is empty and cold without you. We can sometimes hear your little paw steps jumping down from the windowsill and hope that you are still close to us.

Sleep tight at Rainbow Bridge darling Kit and wait for us… xxx

In remembrance of Sammy cat Who went to Rainbow Bridge in August 2005

You came into our lives as a stray and were so frightened and thin that you wouldn't even come near us when we left food out for you for a year and lived under the holly bush. Gradually we won your trust and you moved in to live with us. You made our lives complete and we were happy and honoured that you chose to come to be with us as our darling companion. You were such a fine cat, and a real gentleman.

So loved and longed for always darling Sam.
Until we meet again.

Nighty Night Sweetheart - Mummy and Daddy xxx()()

In remembrance of Humbug catc1990 - 7th June 2010

In memory of our dearest Humbug, our Princess Pretty. We first met you when you came to say hello when we first moved in 10 years ago and have been part of our lives ever since, first as an overnight visitor and then as a permanent resident for the last 5 years. You ruled the street with a quiet grace, and loved nothing more than to await unsuspecting doggies as they passed our drive, when they would be greeted with a smart tap on the nose or hiss. Everyone knew you and loved you. You loved us singing your special "You're Beautiful" song to you and having tummy tucks and toe ticks. You were always with us and tended to us when we were ill, never leaving our side. Such a loving, darling and extra special girl - one in a million. Our house is now empty and all the life has gone from it. We miss you so very, very much.

Sleep tight at Rainbow Bridge darling Hum, with your sisters and Bella and Sam.

Until we meet again...
Love you more than anything
Mummy and Daddy xxx

In remembrance of Jack catMy darling gorgeous boy Jack,

I can't believe you are not with me anymore. You were the best, most affectionate, funny and gorgeous boy ever. I will miss your cuddles, your meows and funny noises.

Until we meet again - I love you more than anything xxxxxxxxxxx

In remembrance of Murphy catMurphy aka 'Murphs'.

You were the first cat I ever came to love.
You cured me of my cat allergy and became a true friend.
I remember being wary of you till I saw you in the garden smelling flowers.
My heart melted straight away.
All you ever wanted was a cuddle, a stroke and water from the tap..such a good cat.
Sorry if I ever shoo'd you away.
You always forgave so quickly.
Rosa, Adam, Emma and I will never forget you little friend.
Sleep well, you'll live on in our hearts and memories for as long as we're here.

Clive xxxx

Tribute to Princess Naila catOur beloved Princess Naila our faithful friend,
and your love you shared till the very end.
For 17 years our family was blessed,
now it's time for you to rest.
You still live on in the hearts and minds,
of the loving family you left behind.

In remembrance of Myrtle cat We love and miss you 'Fluffers' R.I.P Myrtle xxxx

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