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gemini and george, feline founders of Cat ChatRemembering with love, those special cats who have left pawprints on your heart.

Our Remembrance Gallery is a place to remember your much loved cats, and a way to pay a real tribute to them, by helping rescued cats find the homes they need. Therefore, we ask for a small donation to place your tribute here.

Tributes will remain on the Remembrance Gallery for a minimum of one year. Donations made in memory of a loved pet help us to help more cats out of shelters and into homes, across the UK and Ireland. We respectfully ask that tributes are kept to within 100 words, thank you.

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In Memory of Lola

In remembrance of Lola CatLola,

You were almost 17, and had a great life, miss you so much my gorgeous girl. I am lost without you and the house feels so empty and quiet. You always woke me in the night, and I longed for the day when that would end but would have it back in a heartbeat, with you purring in my ear.

You will live in my heart forever ❤️

In Memory of Tango

In remembrance of Tango catMy beautiful Tango: 10/3/2021 - 24/5/2024

Its really unexpected to loose you so fast so sudden. I really thought you were just having bad flu. I didn't expect it was that serious and to have lost you my beautiful boy. You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and you will always be in my heart. Thank you so much such great time we have together even it is only for 2 years. Love you so much and miss you so much.

Rest in peace in heaven and play with Yoma in Rainbow Bridge.

Sylvia and Lila xx

In Memory of Luna

In remembrance of Luna catLuna

In loving memory of Luna (2022-24)
You left paw prints in our hearts.

In Memory of Tinkerbell

in remembrance of Tinkerbell catOur little girl, Tinkerbell.

From the moment you chose us to look after you, you sprinkled your magic around our home. We were blessed to have you. You brought us endless joy annd so many happy memories. Our hearts are broken and we take little comfort in knowing you crossed over the rainbow bridge without suffering or in pain.

Sleep tight sweetheart, we love you, until we meet again xxx

In Memory of Honey

in Remembrance of Honey catDarling Honey

Honey, you were a star: a gorgeous ginger girl with a big tail and a big personality. The house is empty without you and there is a gap in our lives. You were a rescue cat and we had 15+ years of orange fluff and your special company.

Rest in peace, Honeybun.
Sue & Roger 

In Memory of Tommi Lee

in Remembrance of Tommi Lee catTommi Lee you were the sweetest baby girl and our best friend.

You had such a unique personality and the house already feels empty without you. We'll even miss the 3am alarm clock for food, even when you had a full bowl! You filled our hearts with love and our memories will remain forever.

Love you Nate and Tina ❤️

In Memory of Mr Bojangles

In remembrance of Mr Bojangles catOh Mr B, you were taken far too soon.

We shall miss your appearances on the doorbell camera, your belly flops whenever we saw you outside and running down the road as you saw us come home - just in case we might have a tasty tidbit. You brightened our days when you visited and kept us afloat with all the love we were missing when we lost dear Erasmus. Beautiful boy, you will be sorely missed.

Angela, Fraser, Chloe, Isobel and Sammy xx

In Memory of Missy Sweetcheeks

In remembrance of Missy Sweetcheeks catMy Lovely Missy

Dear Missy Sweetcheeks, my baby girlz. Ten years of loving and adoring you, reading you like a book and answering your heart warming chirrups. Love you Forever, Miss you Forever, long to rewind and do things differently Forever. It's been six months since I lost my dear Missy Sweetcheeks. I'm so lucky that I found her on Cat Chat. Miss her dearly.

Hope you're happy where you are Missy, don't be scared. X

In Memory of Pepsi

In remembrance of Pepsi catIn loving memory of our beloved cat Pepsi.

Passed away 3 years ago. Now reunited with her Daddy, Dave. Forever missed and loved.

Love Mammy and Luna xxx

In Memory of Nahla

in Remembrance of Nahla catTo my beautiful Nahla,

Thank you for the wonderful 11 years we had together. You will always be loved and sorely missed. From your heavy-footed stomp, your chin rests and obsession with ribbon - there are so many wonderful memories. I'm so lucky that I was able to give you your forever home. You are a part of me little one and I hate that you are not here with us anymore.

All my love always, mummy. xxx

In Memory of Peggy

in Remembrance of Peggy catALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS

Dear Peggy, you weren’t with us long enough. You came into our care as a stray and made your foster family very happy…taking a piece of their heart when you found your forever home. Linda loved you so much and you gave her a reason to get up everyday. You’ll be missed and we’ll never forget you. Sleep tight, dear girl.

From Lucy, Toe Beans Cat Rescue xxx

In Memory of Shadow

In remembrance of Shadow catMy beautiful black & white boy.

Your life was cut short to heart disease and a blood clot that paralysed your back legs. Although I only had you for a year you were a big softy, a gentle loving wee boy. Me & Mischief the tabby cat miss you so much darling.

R.I.P. at Rainbow Bridge

In Memory of Winnie

In remembrance of Winnie catRescued from living rough in a wood, Winnie had various health conditions that meant she could not be adopted, so she stayed in long-term foster where she did so well and won the heart of Martine, her carer.

Martine and all at Toe Beans Cat Rescue

In Memory of Cinderella

In Remembrance of Cinderella catMy Cinderella, the most beautiful cat in the world.

I loved you from the moment you arrived and I always will. My constant friend and companion, I miss you more than words can ever say. You were my baby girl and you always will be. Thank you for all the love. See you on the rainbow bridge.

I Love you always, Mummy xxx

In Memory of Vegas

in remembrance of Vegas catMy beautiful girl Vegas, the love of my life xxx

You took my heart like no other. xxx

This past year without you has been the hardest time and I miss you every day. xxx

In Memory of Pinkie

In remembrance of Pinkie catFor Pinkie (AKA Mamma),

You came into our lives 10 months ago with your baby girl Rosie. These last 10 months you have grown into a happy cat from the extremely nervous one who came to us. You quickly became my close companion and best friend, you were the most affectionate cat. When you got sick my heart broke and I don't think I'll ever get used to you not being here.

Words cannot express how much I miss and love you x

In Memory of Tigzzy

In Remembrance of Tigzzy catMy beautiful Tigzzy

Thank you for the best 11 years of love you gave us. There is a huge hole in our hearts now you have gained your wings. Life is never going to be the same without you. You beautiful loyal loving girl will we carry you forever in our hearts and memories.

Love Mummy, Daddy, Ria, Marshall, Evan and Mitzy

In Memory of Sweenie

In remembrance of Sweenie catMy amazing Sweenie,

You we’re always there for us, racing around our garden, doing tricks, enjoying being stroked sitting in your favourite places. We will miss you so much but know you had a happy life, good company and loved your garden. Rest in peace in kitty heaven we not forget you.

Our dear friend, thank you for the joy you have given to us.

In Memory of Bertie

In remembrance of Bertie catMy darling Bertie,

Love and miss you always, your memories keep me laughing and even after all these years, you always make me smile.

Sleep well xx

In Memory of Walter

in Remembrance of Walter catDear Walter (Wally the Wooster),

You were pts today due to severe acute pancreatitis, aged 14. You were a lovely friend to me Wally.

I hope I made you happy too xxxx

In Memory of Oscar

In Remembrance of Oscar catDear affectionate Oscar

Loosing you is more devastating than I thought you were unique affectionate, loving, adoring; in ways I cannot describe, you brought to me something I have never experienced before, yes I lost Susie, Bambie & faced many tragedies the situations I have endured would take to long to put into words. I call out daily for your return if only you could come back you are so important to me that I can't believe you're gone.

I love you miss you deeply rest assured we will be together again forever love, hugs, kisses forever yours eternally Nigel xxxxxxx

In Memory of Chi Chi

In Remembrance of Chi Chi catTo my dearest Chi Chi,

You were the most beautiful and clever cat I've ever known. I think of you all the time and can't believe you're not here anymore by my side. You brought such joy into my life and saw me through some dark times. I miss your insanely soft fur, your happy purrs and head bumps. I'm so sorry I wasn't with you when you passed away. I just couldn't live with that final image of you in my head forever. My only solace is that you're not suffering anymore. I'll love you forever little baby.

Miss you every day. xxx

In Memory of Charlie

In Remembrance of Charlie catCharlie

You came into our care at 10 years old after having been lost as a kitten before you could be neutered. How you survived those years before a kind person found you and asked for our help we don't know. You were chipped but your original owner could not take you back. Sadly you were FIV +ve and succumbed to an untreatable infection. Despite your illness you were a happy, friendly boy. Your star shone bright: rest in peace, Charlie.

From Lucy, your foster carer, and all your friends at Toe Beans Cat Rescue xx

In Memory of Axel

In Remembrance of Axel catMy beautiful Axel

Axel, my beautiful boy who left me last year. I miss you so much sweetheart. My heart is broken, and I cry everyday for you. I kiss and cuddle your pillow every night. You were so ill. I have seen you when you visit, and I wish you would visit more often. I just want you back. Now you're over the rainbow.

Goodnight my beautiful Axel sleep tight.

In Memory of Simba

In Remembrance of Simba catI lost my beautiful boy Simba at the age of 19 on Thursday - he went in for a scan and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go as he had medical problems we were not aware of - he was my love, my joy, my support and sunshine through dark days.

I will love you forever my darling and hope to see you again one wonderful day - Mum xxx

In Memory of Lennox

In Remembrance of Lennox catTo my beautiful sweetheart baby boy Lennox

You were the most amazing, beautiful, gentle baby boy ever and you were taken too soon from us; one minute you were ok and the next you suffered from a bladder blockage; we got you the operation to stop you suffering and then you were gone and I can’t believe my sweetheart, the sweetest baby, had just gone. You left emptiness in my heart, I will always remember you, will keep you in my heart forever and thank you for 4 beautiful, wonderful years you give us; my beautiful precious Lennox.

Love you always and forever xx

In Memory of Colin

In remembrance of Colin catMy beautiful Colin.

I had you from 8 weeks old to 20.5 years. You were the best cat in the world and I’ll love you forever. Letting you go was the hardest thing I’ve had to do but knowing you were poorly and in pain was too much for either of us.

I’ll never forget you my darling boy xxxx

In Memory of Coco

in Remembrance of Coco catOur Coco

You were only 7 years old and full of life. U became ill early in the morning and your back legs wasn’t moving. I didn’t say goodbye and thought you’d be home, but vet called and said best to put to sleep; so holding back tears I said ok.

RIP my baby

In Memory of Kat

In Remembrance of Kat catYou had such a tough start to life, and we were so happy you found us. You're our happiest hello and hardest goodbye. You gave us so many laughs with your daft antics and how can we forget your Sunday sit ins by the cooker, waiting for your chicken to be cooked! You gave us so much happiness and we hope we did you proud.

Rest in peace Kat, you'll never be forgotten.

In Memory of Felix

In Remembrance of Felix catMy dear Felix

I miss you so much after 18 years together. I hope you know I didn't mean to let you down at the end - it was a mis understanding - I didn't want you to suffer. I miss our walks and your purring in my ear at night and your loud wakeup call in the morning! You are the first thing I think of when I wake.

Thank you for all our time together I won't forget you - Love Mom xxx

In Memory of Erasmus

In Remembrance of Erasmus catErasmus - 16.04.20

After 17 happy years with us and after 20 on this earth it was time for you to leave us.
While our hearts are full of sorrow, our minds are full of memories.
You made us all smile somehow, every single day.
We will love you forever, our Razzy.

Fraser, Angela Chloe & Isobel xx

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