Cat Chat Patrons


Sir Roger Gale MP

Sir Roger Gale MP - Cat Chat patron

Our first Patron, Sir Roger Gale MP, is pictured here with Mittens, one of the Gale family's rescue cats. Sir Roger has supported Cat Chat for many years, even before we became registered as a Charity. Roger is always ready and willing to help and advise, somehow managing to fit us into his incredibly busy schedule whenever we need his expertise.

"I have supported Cat Chat since its early days. The number of rescued cats they help each year is outstanding, and the continuing success of this valuable Charity is hugely important to cat rescue in this country." Sir Roger Gale MP

Both Sir Roger and his wife Suzy are ardent animal lovers, and campaign tirelessly on their behalf. Find out more about Sir Roger here:

Suzy Gale

Lady Suzy Gale - Cat Chat patron

Suzy became a Cat Chat Patron in 2013 after many years of supporting us informally alongside her husband Roger. Suzy has always loved animals and the Gale household includes numerous rescue cats and their two (huge) Newfoundland dogs. Suzy has worked in animal welfare for many years both at home and abroad, initially for Parliament's All Party Animal Welfare Group and then, in 2007 founded her own charity, Animals Worldwide - an important global initiative bridging animal welfare and tourism.

"With increasingly large numbers of abandoned and homeless cats, and with rescue centres across the country bursting at the seams, the work of Cat Chat is ever more important. As a Patron I look forward to continuing my support of their already impressive achievements and to do all I can to help them secure a more hopeful future for all rescued cats." Suzy Gale


Bagpuss - Cat Chat patron

When we became a registered Charity in 2003, Bagpuss was pursuaded by his close person-friend, the late Oliver Postgate, to become a Patron. Since Oliver's death in 2008, his son Daniel Postgate continues to assist Bagpuss in his role as Cat Chat Patron.

"I really am a most fortunate old cat! This is because, being imaginary, I am never cold or hungry, and always have lots of friends to keep me company and look after me. So it worries me very much to realise that so many real, live, beautiful cats are left lonely, homeless and unloved, when I know that there are really plenty of people in the world who would be glad of their company and be happy to be their friends. That is why I would like to commend to you, my friends, this most feline website:, where they will help you to find a cat-friend, if you are a person, or a person-friend, if you are a cat." Bagpuss
bagpuss paw print mark

Cat Chat Champions


Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson - Cat Chat Champion

"Everyone - or at least around half of us - loves a cute and cuddly little kitten. But not so many of us have the same soft spot for more mature or unwanted cats, whether strays or from unsuitable homes.

We, the Anderson family, have reared 25 feral cats and kittens over the years. Some went to good homes with friends and family. Some became our life-long companions and part of family history. Some are still with us today.

If you can commit to providing a long-term home for a shelter cat, please visit the Cat Chat website. Remember - a pussy-cat friend for a day is a friend for life." Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

Find out more about Ian here:

Tom Cox

Tom Cox - Cat Chat Champion

We are delighted to have author and self-confessed 'Cat Man' Tom Cox as a Cat Chat supporter. Tom is noted for his humorous books about cats, music, golf and ghosts. Anyone who knows cats will love his books 'Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man', 'Talk to the Tail', 'The Good, the Bad and the Furry' and 'Close Encounters of the Furred Kind'.

"How can there be so many cats – really surprisingly plush-looking cats, who would probably happily sit on your knee for up to three hours without budging – languishing in cages, unwanted? Rather than simply rage silently at an unfeeling universe, I am supporting Cat Chat in their aim to make every cat a wanted cat." Tom Cox, Author

Find out more about Tom here:

Vicky Halls

Vicky Halls - Cat Chat Champion

“One of the saddest things I see are cats that have been in homing centres for months, even years. They are well cared for but there is no substitute for a caring, permanent home. Sometimes they are overlooked because they have particular challenges, such as chronic health concerns, or they need a special kind of person in their life that accept them for the quirky cats they are! There are also times when a cat just doesn’t get picked – no particular reason but equally sad.

I fully support the endeavours of Cat Chat to give the overlooked cats a voice. Please help these cats by offering a home, whether it’s a place on your sofa or a warm barn or shed for those that prefer to view us from a distance.” Vicky Halls, cat behaviourist & author

Find out more about Vicky here:

Susan Hampshire

Susan Hampshire - Cat Chat Champion

As well as being one of the UK's most admired actresses, Susan Hampshire is also known for her love of animals and cats in particular, so we are thrilled that Susan is one of Cat Chat's supporters. Susan was honoured with an MBE (1995) and a CBE (2018) in recognition of her work on behalf of dyslexia and osteoporosis charities.

“I have always been a cat lover and am very pleased to be one of Cat Chat's supporters – their work in helping so many abandoned cats to find homes is very important. The idea of any animal suffering homelessness or cruelty is abhorrent to me. Perhaps you can consider rehoming a cat and if so, I'm sure that Cat Chat can help you find that special one...” Susan Hampshire, actress

Sir David Jason

Sir David Jason - Cat Chat Champion

We were honoured that Sir David Jason stepped forward to support our 20th Anniversary campaign, helping to find homes for the most overlooked cats in rescue centres across the country.

He remains a strong advocate of our cause, to enable even more rescued cats to find their ideal homes.

Sir David Jason, actor and screenwriter

Suzi Perry

Suzi Perry - Cat Chat Champion

“Cat Chat is a real lifeline to rescues throughout the UK and Ireland and I'm pleased to be able to help, particularly with those cats that have spent way too long in rescue.

Shy cats, sensitive cats, scaredy cats! Some cats just don't sell themselves to potential adopters but are nevertheless, truly deserving of a life free of the confines of a rescue pen. By highlighting these cats to a greater audience, we hope to increase the chances of finding these most deserving cats a home where they can flourish. And often that's all it takes. A little care and attention in a safe place that they can make their own.” Suzi Perry, television presenter

Find out more about Suzi here:

Dr. Pete Wedderburn

Dr. Pete Wedderburn - Cat Chat Champion

“I am delighted to support Cat Chat and their work finding homes for rescued cats, particularly those who have been in care for a while. The most overlooked cats in UK rescue deserve to be taken out of shelters and into good homes, and that's exactly what the charity achieves.

Cats are sentient creatures, just like us, and they can make such wonderful companions. Sadly, they are often misunderstood: a badly behaved cat is more likely to be a badly misunderstood animal than an inherently difficult creature. Just as with human companions, "every old sock finds an old shoe": one person's challenging pet is another's perfect puss. I know that my own cats add an immense note of calm, pleasure and fulfillment to my life, and I'd encourage everyone to give cat ownership a go.” Dr Pete Wedderburn BVM&S CertVR MRCVS, veterinarian and writer

Find out more about Dr. Pete here: