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Well Done for Wanting to Adopt a Rescue Cat!

Ready to Rescue?
Adopting a rescued animal
 is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Right now, there are thousands of loving, intelligent, unique cats sitting patiently, in rescue centres across the UK & Ireland just waiting for someone like you. Could you offer a rescue cat or kitten a new future? Click on the relevant section below...

Rescue Cats for Adoption UK & Ireland

Cat Rescue Centres UK & Ireland

Rescue Cats Overlooked for Adoption

Rescue Centres with Kittens for Adoption UK & Ireland

feral and farm cats for adoption UK and Ireland

Rescued pedigree cats needing a home

By adopting, you are helping TWO cats - by freeing up that shelter place for another cat in need

Before you adopt, please remember... taking on an animal is a long-term commitment, much like a marriage, for better or worse, in sickness and in health. The average life span of a cat is 12-16 years, but many cats these days reach 20 years or more. Food is relatively cheap, but vet bills and pet insurance are not. Costs such as worming and flea treatment must also be considered, as well as cattery fees when you go away. Check out our blog post: Thinking of Getting a Cat?

When rescuing, please consider the harder-to-home cats...


Black Cats and Black & White Cats
Did you know black & white cats are often overlooked in favour of 'prettier' colours. All-black cats are also often passed by, even with their 'lucky' reputation. Give a black & white cat or a black cat their 'lucky break'?
Top 10 reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

Nervous cats
Shy or nervous cats so often get overlooked, yet they can become the most loyal and loving of pets once you have gained their trust. They might start out hiding under the bed, but how rewarding when they finally sit on your lap! Most rescue shelters have some nervous residents waiting for their lucky break.
Ask at your local Rescue Centre

Disabled cats
Cats are amazingly adaptable when coping with a disability, yet are often overlooked because of it: Three-legged cats, deaf cats, blind or partially sighted cats for example. A disabled cat has just as much love to give as any other cat - the true reward for adopters who look beyond the impairment.
Could you adopt a disabled cat?

Feral and Farm cats
Urban development often means colonies of feral cats become homeless, and most rescues have, or know of, small numbers of such cats in need of relocation. Ideal homes are: Farms, Smallholdings, Stables, or just a rural home with some land or a large garden.
Feral Cats - find out more

FIV positive cats
Due to past misconceptions about FIV, many people are still reluctant to adopt cats with the virus. Cats with FIV can live a normal lifespan, and are in all other respects just normal cats.
FIV - find out the facts, not the fiction

Older Cats (Senior Kittizens!)
Please consider rescuing an older cat, they are usually undemanding and need little or no house training! Some rescues even operate a 'puss pension' scheme, whereby they will pay for unforseen vet bills, even after rehoming.
Top 10 reasons to Adopt a Golden Oldie

Indoor Cats
Want a cat, but live in a flat? Although a cat's natural instinct is to go outside, some cats can be suited to the indoor life: Nervous cats, older cats, deaf, blind or disabled cats, or simply cats who have previously been used to living indoors.
Ask at your nearest Rescue Centre

Diabetic cats
Cats with diabetes or other minor health problems find it harder to be rehomed, yet rescue centres will often pay for their vet bills even after rehoming.
Could you adopt a diabetic cat?

'Overlooked' cats
Some cats, through no fault of their own get overlooked in rescue shelters, for weeks, months, sometimes years. Maybe they just don't push themselves forward as much as the others, or perhaps they are a little shy, or just plainer in appearance. Could you offer a home?
Please visit our 'Overlooked Cats' section

Could you be a Cat Fosterer?

Cat / Kitten Fostering (short-term / long term)
Would you like to care for a cat, but don't want the lifelong responsibility or expenses that go with it? Many shelters rely on cat foster homes to care for cats 'between homes' particularly in kitten season when shelters are at their fullest. Could you be a cat fosterer? Find out about Cat and Kitten Fostering

Cat Fostering (life-long or short term)
Life-long and short-term foster homes are always needed by the Cinnamon Trust, the national charity for the elderly and their pets. When an elderly owner dies, and their animal companion is left in their care, the Trust aims to find a lifetime foster home for them. Short-term foster homes are needed when people go into hospital and need temporary care for their cat. Veterinary fees are covered by The Trust. Find out more here:

Cats Needing Homes UK and Ireland