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Below are a selection of cats recently homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!

Minnie from All Animal Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat Chat2 year old Minnie came to the rescue to find the perfect forever home. She has the nicest temperament, she loves a cuddle, and still loves a good play. Minnie was looking for a home where she is the only cat in the household as she is not keen on other cats. She was spotted on Cat Chat recently and we are delighted to say she has gone to a wonderful new home.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton

Marzipan & Shadow, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatLittle Marzipan (left) is a super little moggie, He loves to play, he just cannot keep still until he sleeps. Poor Shadow (right) has not been shown much love. When he arrived he was quite nervous, but as soon as he realised he was safe and had regular meals, his character has come out. He is a most affectionate cat, his coat is now gleaming and he enjoys cuddles. They’ve both been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you so much for this site.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Cinderella from Bentham & District Pet Rescue, homed through Cat ChatAfter her elderly owner passed away, 11 year old Cinderella was left behind in the sanctuary for over 2 years. She needed a special owner who was experienced with cats and willing to persevere with regular brushing. Thankfully she was spotted on Cat Chat and had a trial stay with new owners, which was a success, so she has her own forever home at last.

Bentham & District Pet Rescue

Lady from Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, HornchurchLady was so affectionate it was actually quite hard to get pictures of her. She just wanted lots of fuss and would make a great pet for a family. Lady was seen on Cat Chat by a Lady and has now found a new home with her. Thanks Cat Chat!

Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue

Indie, Monty, Roxy, Sox, Mushroom, Toby, Thelma, Louise, Ziggy, Poppy, Chico, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatThank you Cat Chat! Indie (left), Monty (centre), Roxy (right), Sox, Mushroom and Toby, Thelma and Louise, Ziggy and Poppy, and Chico say thank you Cat Chat, they've all got new homes after being spotted on our homing page.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Stan from Rugeley Cats Society, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful 7 year old tabby Stan was looking for his forever home. Look at his face.... he's either smiling or about to sneeze! Thankfully his lovely face was spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section and he has now gone to the loving home he was looking for.

Rugeley Cats Society

Bruno & Barney, from Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Bucks, homed through Cat ChatBruno (left) and Barney (right) are gorgeous brothers and they love lots of brushing, the more pampering the better, they are posh after all! The handsome duo were seen on Cat Chat. They got the purrfect home from this. We took them to their furever home and they made themselves right at home straight away and are now being thoroughly spoilt. Two very happy Ragdolls!

Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Bucks

Coco & Bubble, from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatCoco (left) is 8 years old, came into our rescue with the most dreadful skin issues due to flea bites having gone untreated and has taken months to get her skin and coat back to where it should be. Bubble (right) is such a petite and loving girl. She is is 15 months old and loves the quiet life . Thanks to Cat Chat both Coco and Bubble have found new homes after only a few days on our site.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton

Nutmeg & Cinnamon from Cats in Crisis, Wishaw homed through Cat ChatNutmeg (left) and Cinnamon (right) are mother and daughter. They were looking for a home with owners experienced in looking after timid cats and who had the time and patience to help these beautiful girls build up their confidence in humans. Thankfully they were spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section and now have their loving forever home.

Cats in Crisis, Wishaw

Misty from Beverley & Pocklington Cats Protection, homed through Cat ChatMisty was thought to be a female when he was adopted, so the name stuck. He is about 5 years old and came into care with his friend Jack, who has since been rehomed. Misty was looking for exactly the right home with someone who loves grey cats. The good news is the handsome Misty was spotted in the Overlooked Cats section of Catchat and is moving to his new home at the weekend.

Beverley & Pocklington Cats Protection

Terry & June and 2 Whiskerson brothers from Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, homed through Cat ChatTerry and June (left) were looking for a home together after Terry's brother died. Happily a young family who have not had cats before, but are very caring and loving saw them on Cat Chat and thought they would be ideal for them. Then two brothers from the Whiskerson family, very playful boys who also love a snuggle, were spotted again on Cat Chat by a young couple who fell in love with them, so they now have a good home too.

Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

Ricky from Cat Rescue Chippenham, homed through Cat ChatRicky was blind, with matted fur and a mouthful of rotten teeth, probably due to being FIV positive. He was miserable and had virtually given up the will to live. After having 5 teeth removed he was soon eating well and taking his medication. So he was looking for a special someone who could look after an elderly, blind, deaf, FIV+ cat who suffers with high blood pressure and would need daily medication, regular monitoring at the vets, as well as regular grooming. Someone who will ask nothing more than to have the reward of caring for this older cat who still has some of his 9 lives left and still enjoys life in his quiet way. Miraculously after being spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section, over a year later he has had a home offer from a veterinary nurse who is obviously aware of the implications of all his health issues, I cannot believe it. THANK YOU Cat Chat so so much for your part in giving Ricky his happy ever after.

Cat Rescue Chippenham

Sasha, from Cats Protection, Glasgow, homed through Cat ChatSasha is a 12-year-old, indoor, longhaired, black tortoiseshell female cat who’s come into rescue as her previous owner passed away. She’s an older lady who enjoys the quieter pace of life and is really looking for a quiet retirement home. She has now found her forever home thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Cats Protection, Glasgow

Lady, Marzipan & Bonnie Binnie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatLovely little Lady (left) was brought to us because her family were having problems, no one would take responsibility for her. Marzipan (middle) or Mazzi as he is called was found wandering with a nasty cut on his hind leg. A member of the public took him to the local vet, where they gave him treatment and put him on their FB page to see if they could find his owner, but no-one came forward. Bonnie Binnie (right) is a shy girl, she came to us as the family had a new baby and she was replaced!! This makes us so mad when people do this to their pets. If they are planning to have children in the future then they should not have a cat as a substitute in the first place. Why she cannot be brought up with this child we really do not understand? All three have now found their forever homes thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Trudy, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatTwo year old Trudy is a friendly, affectionate lass despite a tough background. She was living as a stray and got pregnant. A kind lady fed her and helped her to get rescued. She was a loving mum to 3 little tykes and now they have been rehomed, she was looking for love & cuddles for herself. She now has found them, thanks to being seen on Cat Chat!

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Ninja from Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Bucks homed through Cat ChatNinja is a very affectionate cat, who has been on medication for stress, having lost not one but two owners to cancer and then lost his home. He was looking for an indoor home without other animals or children. He was spotted in Cat Chat's Overlooked Cats section after waiting six months for his forever home. When he got there he came out of his basket had a look around, made himself right at home and has been happy ever since. Thanks Cat Chat for all your help.

Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Bucks

Woody, from Royston Animal Welfare, Barnsley, homed through Cat ChatHi folks, I'm Woody! Howdy howdy howdy. I am a handsome black-coated lad of only 8 months old; I love to play, like most kittens do, and I'd like to be the only pet if you please, you know what they say about the town not being big enough...! Now I know there's all sorts of talk about black kitties... firstly, you should know that it's true, we go with everything, and secondly, we're very lucky! I’ve now found myself a forever ranch (erm… house) thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. I settled in straight away, and now follow my new owner round like a little lap dog!

Royston Animal Welfare, Barnsley

Geoffrey from Avon Cat Rescue, Warwickshire, homed through Cat ChatThis is Geoffrey who caught my attention on the overlooked cats page of Cat Chat back in 2010. It was love at first sight! I adopted him when he was 4 years old, although my vets added around 4 years to the estimate after a dental, so I think he's 16 now. He's FIV+ but you'd not know it. The only concession to that is that he's always been an indoor cat. Although I've moved home a few times he's been with me through it all, thick and thin. After all, my house is not my home without my cat! Thanks to Avon Cat Rescue for giving a scruffy human the chance to own such an awesome companion!

Lisa, Derbyshire

Tigerlily & Trouble from Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, homed through Cat ChatTigerlily and Trouble are two friendly, dinky girls who love to play together. Tigerlily is easy to identify with her white feet. Trouble is very mischievous and cannot wait to have a home to roam around in. After being seen on Cat Chat they have found a new home along with Sally, another kitten who was living with them. All three are going to live with a young lady and her dad. All the best and thanks to Cat Chat for their help.

Ann & Bill's Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

Pebbles from Angus Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatPebbles was a rather reserved 2-3 year old who would come around with a bit of tlc. She was looking for a new home with safe access to the outdoors. Being seen on Cat Chat's pages helped her find her new home. We thank Cat Chat for all that they do.

Angus Cat Rescue, Tayside

Spot & Mitzi, from Little Cottage Rescue, Luton, homed through Cat ChatMum Spot (left) is 17 years old and daughter Mitzi (right) is 16. These old ladies were handed into care for no apparent good reason. As indoor cats they truly hated having to live in an outside cat run because they just didn’t understand why they had been turned out at this most vulnerable time of their lives. Thankfully they have now been rehomed thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Little Cottage Rescue, Luton

Pebbles, Chloe & Angel, from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatGreat news for three of our moggies: Pebbles (left), who came into foster care from an elderly owner who could no longer stay in her own home; Chloe (middle), whose first time in rescue was as a stray with six kittens, and was then adopted only to be returned to us as a result of her owner's ill health; and most especially Angel (right) - this very beautiful girl affectionately known as Freddie Kruger had been in our care for over two years due to her very specific homing requirements but finally it happened; the call was received, the initial visit was made and Angel found her new home where she is happy and settled at last. A huge thanks from all of us.

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley

Otto & Chloe, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatKittens Otto (left) and Chloe (right) are 10 weeks old, & very playful and friendly. Otto is full of mischief, and Chloe is a gentle and sweet girl. I'm pleased to report that both have now found new homes after being spotted on Cat Chat. Many thanks, as always.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

igger & Poppy, from Ann & Bill Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, homed through Cat ChatTwo lucky cats have new homes thanks to Cat Chat. Tigger (left) went to live with a young lady and her brother and sister. She sent a photo the very next day showing Tigger fast asleep on her lap. Friendly cuddly Poppy (right) had been with us some time, she came in as a stray. Also she had wounds to her leg, so we had to get that sorted. But now she has got her very own home, where she will be loved.

Ann & Bill Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

Hector, Freddo & Lottie, from Kirkby Cats Home/Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatHandsome boys Hector (left) and Freddo (centre) have found a new home after being seen on Cat Chat. Lovely little Lottie (right) has found a new home after being seen on Cat Chat, she settled into her new life instantly. Thank you.

Kirkby Cats Home/Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Mitch & Stitch from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare & Kirkby Cats Home, homed through Cat ChatMitch (grey) and Stitch (tabby) first found themselves homeless when their owner moved out and left them behind. Luckily for them a neighbour took them in but fate dealt them a cruel blow when their new owner fell ill and was unable to keep them,. This time however they were handed in to us instead of being abandoned. Mitch and Stitch were now looking for another home to call their own for the rest of their lives. The fab news is that our overlooked cats have now found the home they were looking for after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare & Kirkby Cats Home

Honey from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society homed through Cat ChatHoney came to us over 2 years ago when she was found abandoned. She was clearly distressed and cowered if you approached her for fuss. This could be the result of an abusive past. We managed to rehome her, but sadly it didn't work out and she was returned even more distressed than before. She was rehomed once again, and settled in really well. But sadly her owners returned her through no fault of her own. Now she has found a lovely home via Cat Chat via their Overlooked Cats section. Hopefully this will be third time lucky for poor frightened Honey.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society

Poppy, from Cat Action 77, Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatPoppy is a lovely fluffy cat born in 2013 who was left behind when her owner moved away. She is nervous around new people until she gets to know you, and needs a quiet, understanding home that will help her grow in confidence. She now has found her perfect home thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Cat Action 77, Doncaster South

Fluffy, from The Catcuddles Sanctuary, Enfield, homed through Cat ChatHello, my name (and my coat) is Fluffy. I’m a gorgeous black and white neutered chap of about six years old, and if you haven’t already fallen in love with me then just take another look at my heart-meltingly big amber eyes! After fending for myself as a stray for a long time I was quite nervous when I came into rescue, but have now found my forever home after being spotted on Cat Chat.

The Catcuddles Sanctuary, Greenwich

Milly & Winston from Cat Homing and Rescue (CHAR) Warrington homed through Cat ChatMilly (left) and Lemmie were 12 years old when they came into our rescue as their owner moved into a hospice. They were affectionate cats and needed someone semi-retired or retired to love them in their twilight years. They have been adopted by separate owners under the umbrella of our Golden Oldies Scheme. Winston (right) was very timid  and needed a lot of attention to gain his trust. He needed a home with an experienced cat owner who has lots of patience and time for him. We are delighted that all three cats have found homes after being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you Cat Chat for helping to find them their forever homes.

Cat Homing and Rescue (CHAR) Warrington

Millie & Frodo, from The Ashmore Rescue for Cats, Wolverhampton, homed through Cat ChatMillie (left) and Frodo (right) are mum and son. Millie will be 14 in May and Frodo will be 13 in May. Their owner sadly passed away. Millie is very affectionate and will come to you immediately for a fuss. Frodo is a little more shy but once he knows you he is equally as loving as his mom. They have now found a quiet home together, after being spotted on Cat Chat.

The Ashmore Rescue for Cats, Wolverhampton

Buddy, Holly & Freddie, from Ann & Bill’s Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, homed through Cat ChatWe have just rehomed siblings Buddy and Holly. Buddy (left) is short haired, very friendly and loves to play and Holly (centre) is long haired, a bit shy but is becoming more confident every day. New owner’s dog had just died, and her house seemed empty, so she decided to give a home to the two youngsters after seeing them on Cat Chat. We also rehomed Freddie (right), another playful kitten, after he was seen on Cat Chat.

Ann & Bill’s Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

Toby, from Babs Cats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatThis is the handsome Toby, a very loving 10 year old. He was looking for a very special home as he is blind so he needs to be an indoor cat. He has now found a forever home after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Babs Cats, Swanley

William & Thomas, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatGood day, we are William (left) and Thomas (right); we are 9 years old and have been neutered and as you can see we are lovely looking gents with tabby & white coats. Our human got too sick to look after us and asked the shelter to find us a loving home together. We have been rescue cats before and know that being older and a pair might mean we wait a long time, but the chaps here tell us that there is a purrfect human out there for us somewhere, and maybe this is the place to find them. We have now found a purrfect new home thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

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