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Below are a selection of cats recently homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!

Alfie & Ollie, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatAlfie (left) and Ollie (right) have been adopted! This is as a result of them being seen on your 20 for 20 campaign. I am overjoyed for these beautiful, quirky boys of course; I love them so much and I know their new owners will do the same and give them a fabulous, loving home. HUGE thanks to Cat Chat for all your support and amazing help.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton

Cosmo & Dora, from Aylesbury Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatYou’ll be pleased to hear Cosmo finally got his forever home after being seen on CatChat, as did Dora. We also have you to thank for 2 of our temporary fosterers who not only fostered for us, but left us adopting 2 of our cats. Thanks for all your help.

Aylesbury Cat Rescue, Aylesbury

Lily, Puss & Charlie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatThree-year old Lily (left) arrived at the rescue when her owner had to move and wasn't allowed to take her. She is a quiet-natured girl, and loving too. Puss (middle) is a beautiful short-haired black and white lady in search of a calm and loving forever home. She’s five and found herself in rescue when her previous owner moved away and left her behind. George (right) is a very handsome young neutered chap of two years old, with a fluffy black and white coat. He came into rescue following a family break-up. All three have been now rehomed via Cat Chat, in fact Lily and Puss have been homed together! George had been with us for a long time but thanks to Cat Chat he has now found a lovely home.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Samson, from Pawz for Thought, Sunderland, homed through Cat ChatBig boy Samson came to Pawz as a stray, he needed an adult-only home willing to give him time to settle. He had the potential to be a loving cat in time, with the right owner. He has now been adopted and is settled in his new home. The adopter found us through Cat Chat. Thanks.

Pawz for Thought, Sunderland

Jasper, from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatJasper is now with a wonderful young lady who appears to understand him. She accepts that he is really a feral cat. I have taken in other feral cats, not the wisest move but heads and hearts don't always agree, and those I have now are scared yes, but nothing like as much as Jasper has been, and they have all made more progress than he had. I feel that, fingers crossed, he now has the chance of the kind of life that really suits his needs. Where he is now, his surroundings seem ideal. Jasper was seen on Cat Chat again and it is this that led to his second homing. Your organisation is amazing in so many ways.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, Bolton

Leba, from All Animal Rescue, homed through CatChatLeba is a super sweet cat who loves nothing more than spending her days sleeping and eating! Thanks to Cat Chat, Leba has now found a new home.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton

Tesla, from Bengal Cat Association, homed through CatChatTesla has been rehomed, and the enquiry came via her listing on Cat Chat. Thank you for your wonderful platform.

Bengal Cat Association, Birmingham

Toby, from New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead, homed through Cat ChatThanks to his appearance on our Twenty for 2020 campaign, ladies man Toby has found his ideal home, with a caring lady to give him all the love he deserves. His new owner told us "Toby seems to be settling in really well and adjusting quicker than I expected! He's such a lovely cat, I don't know why it's taken so long to find someone to give him a home."

New Beginnings Cat Rehoming, Gateshead

Cat, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatCat, yes that’s her name, came into us via Social Services. Unfortunately her owner can no longer look after her. She had a companion, a very boisterous collie dog. He has also had to go to a rescue. Cat gets on with dogs providing it’s a dog that gets on with cats. She is a quiet girl that has only been used to one gentleman. Just to let you know she has been rehomed after being seen on Cat Chat. Thanks.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Frisbee, from Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford, homed through Cat ChatFrisbee is a male ginger three-legged cat aged 11 years. He’s very friendly and affectionate, and loves to be the centre of attention. Although he has lived with other cats he would prefer to be an only cat, as he likes to chase others away and can go pretty fast on those three legs! Frisbee has now been homed via Cat Chat.

Springfield Animal Rescue, Chelmsford

Garfield & Stewy, from Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, homed through CatChatGarfield and Stewy's new owner found them on Cat Chat. They are adorable brothers - Garfield is more confident than his brother, however both are lovely friendly boys.

Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity, Barnsley

Kitty & the kittens, from Burton Joyce Cat Rescue, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatWe’ve been doing a lot of trapping and TNR, and three of the kittens we captured (left) have been homed. They didn't appear on Cat Chat but the enquiries were due to Cat Chat and we found two lovely homes so I think you deserve the credit. Also I picked Kitty (right) up last Saturday, and put her on Cat Chat Friday lunchtime. We had an enquiry that evening and she will be going to a lovely new home today. Kitty has found love and it's all thanks to Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Taffy, Natasha & Maud, from Burton Joyce Cat Rescue, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatBlack & white beauties Taffy (leftt), Natasha (middle) and Maud (right) were homed before Christmas and have all settled well. All the homes were thanks to Cat Chat.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Luca, from Friends of Felines, homed through CatChatLuca is a lovely big black panther, about 5 years old. He is a quiet, sweet and affectionate boy who has been neutered and chipped. He was thrown out of his home when his owner moved away, and he had to live as a street cat for a year. He has been rehomed via CatChat.

Friends of Felines, Halstead

Babes, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through CatChatWe were beginning to think that contrary Babes was never going to get a home, but she has landed on her paws in a new home after being spotted on Cat Chat! Many thanks.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Blue, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through CatChatGreat news - 14-year-old Blue has been homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat page - just 24 hours after he was listed! Thanks, as always, for your help.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Maggie, Monty & Matilda, from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, homed through CatChatMum cat, Maggie (right), and her two kittens Matilda (left) and Monty (centre) were rescued from a life on the streets and so they are timid and nervous cats. Their home was found through Cat Chat for which we are very grateful. Once again many thanks.

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Leeds, Leeds

Dixie, Leo, Alfie, Archie & Daisy, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, homed through CatChatDaisy was adopted on Wednesday. Alfie (left) and Archie (centre) were adopted on Saturday. Dixie and Leo (right) were adopted on Friday. All thanks to Cat Chat! Thank you! You really are a great help!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

Leah, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatThree year old beauty Leah came in as result of her mum dying. Because she was only used to her mum, she was very shy. She likes to be brushed and loves her food. Leah has now been rehomed via Cat Chat. She was picked several times but we were let down, thanks to Cat Chat she will now have a lovely home as she has been with us for some time.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Pipkin, from Springfield Rescue, Chelmsford, homed through Cat ChatPipkin, nine, is a lovely black and white handsome boy. He’s calm, gentle and looking for a quiet home. This affectionate and sweet companion has now found a home via Cat Chat.

Springfield Rescue, Chelmsford

Albie, Pixie & Gus, from Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, homed through CatChatJust to let you know we have rehomed Gus who is 10 years old and FIV+ (right), Pixie (centre) and Albie (left) thanks to their owners seeing them on Cat Chat.

Cat Action Trust 1977 - Doncaster South, Doncaster

Millie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through CatChatJust to let you know Millie has been rehomed via Cat Chat, she was a nervous cat, so has been with us for some time, luckily she has been spotted on Cat Chat, so hopefully she will be less shy in a home. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Jodie, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, homed through CatChatJodie was found wandering the streets Scarborough area, being cared for by a family, but they had their own cats. She has been homed through your site. Many thanks.

Ryedale and Scarborough Cats Welfare, Scarborough

Toyah, Prince & Charlie, from Orphan Annie's Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatToyah (left) is a very gentle loving little girl and Prince (right) is a real in-your-face rascal tom. They are totally adorable and totally bonded. Charlie (centre) is very friendly and loves a fuss. Happily they have all been homed through being seen on Cat Chat - Toyah and Prince as a pair, and Charlie separately.

Orphan Annie's Cat Rescue, Basildon

Oliver, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatThe gorgeous Oliver was adopted this weekend after being spotted on Cat Chat. Many thanks again for all your help and support.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Panther, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatPanther is a big boy who was very frightened, so he needed someone with patience and understanding to help him combat his fear, and to help him trust people and know what it’s like to be loved and cared for. I'm pleased to be able to tell you that Panther has been homed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat!

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Jet, from Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatJet (now renamed Stevie) came into Cat Action Trust 77’s care with nine more cats from an unpleasant situation, so was nervous at loud noises etc. We adopted him after spotting him on their Cat Chat page. He’s only been here a few days and is gradually getting braver. He let me feed him by hand last night, and literally 5 minutes after letting me stroke him, he's been rubbing up and leaning against me like I'm his favourite person! We love him already!

Emma and Cat Action Trust 77, Doncaster South

Savannah & Tigg, from Furry Tails Feline Welfare, Blackpool, homed through Cat ChatSavannah (tabby) came into our Sanctuary on her own and very nervous. She has been a challenging cat but now she knows us has become a real softie, she needs someone who is willing to work with her and earn her trust. When you first meet her she will flash those pearly whites and hiss but get the dreamies out she soon comes round. Tigg (black & white), a stray who had been wandering the street for months, was in the next unit to her and they were always looking at each other, so we let them get together and it was just like they had known each other for ages - a perfect match. Savannah and Tigg have now gone to their furever home after being seen on Cat Chat. We are so pleased to know that they will have a fabulous home!

Furry Tails Feline Welfare, Blackpool

Millie & Domino, from CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester, homed through Cat ChatMillie and Domino have had such a rough start, they came to us so sick and had the best medical treatment by our hardworking vets. Millie has gone from being incredibly timid (she nestled up on our curtain pole for a couple of hours when she first arrived) to now eating out of our hands... only when she decides it’s ok and after she’s given us a good sniff though! Domino is the smallest of Millie’s kittens and was incredibly poorly when she first arrived with us. She has had several courses of antibiotics and eye drops but unfortunately has lost sight in her left eye. Domino is definitely a mummy’s girl, she always curls up with her to sleep, they always eat and play together. They have now found a loving home after the new owners saw our post for them on Cat Chat. This is fabulous news for mum and daughter that they can stay together, especially with Domino only having full sight in one eye. Thank you!

CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester

Chelsea, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatChelsea is a delightful cat and has been really well looked after by her owner who is now sadly too ill to look after her. Chelsea has now found a home after being spotted on Cat Chat. Another lucky moggie because of your wonderful site.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Jack & Salem, from Feline Network Devon, Paignton, homed through Cat ChatJack (left) is one year old and Salem (right) is two years old. Both male, they’ve been together forever and after being spotted on Cat Chat, have now gone to live with a lovely family in Totnes.

Feline Network Devon, Paignton

Pushkin & Cloud, from All Animal Rescue, homed through CatChatJust to let you know Pushkin and Cloud have now found a new home thanks to Cat Chat.

All Animal Rescue, Southampton

Kimba, from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, homed through CatChatA big thank you - Kimba was rehomed last weekend! Kimba had been fending for himself outside for some time before being reported to us, and being brought into rescue. As an older, FIV positive cat, we knew it would not be easy to find the right home for Kimba, but he has found an ideal home offering lots of love, a big bungalow to explore as well as a secure garden, with his own adventure playground. His new ‘butler’ saw him on our Cat Chat page. Thank you.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes

Piper, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, homed through CatChatI'm delighted to let you know that I took Piper to her new home this afternoon. Her family had spotted her on Cat Chat and thought she was just beautiful and the purrfect cat for them. Thanks again for your help.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

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