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Below are a selection of cats recently homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!


Domino from Brinsley Animal Rescue, homed through Cat ChatYes, Domino was homed via Cat Chat - thanks. Domino came into our care as a stray who had lost her kittens. She was very scared, undernourished and grieving. In foster care she came on in leaps and bounds and became a confident loving girl with a gentle nature who loves to play. She has some very cute dots on her nose, hence the name, and she's also very vocal. She loves a fuss, but is not yet a lap cat. Domino would suit living with other cats. She needed to be homed to someone willing to give her time to settle into her new home.

Brinsley Animal Rescue, Nottingham


Bobby from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatWe are pleased to say that Bobby has been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat. He's eight and a half years and had lost his lady owner a couple of years ago, and then his male owner had to go into care. So he was feeling sad and was needing company. He needed to be the only cat in the house and was suitable for an older person.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Oxana & Odin

Oxana & Odin, from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford, homed through Cat ChatOxana has been adopted with her son Odin thanks to Cat Chat! I can’t thank you enough! A lovely couple came forward and they were looking for any cat/cats that were overlooked and nobody wanted them. It took five months, as black cats are always overlooked, but she’s landed a lovely home. Oxana is a very clever girl who knows how to please humans. A cuddle bunny and a lap cat, she’s quiet and non destructive, and also very gentle and patient. Odin is a cuddly and friendly boy, he likes to be a leader, and he’s quite independent. He’s the only child who stood up to the other adult cats in our care.

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford

Padraig and Niamh

Padraig and Niamh, from 8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatDelighted to let you know that Padraig and Niamh are settling well into their adoptive home, having been spotted a few weeks ago on Cat Chat.  They're gorgeous cats who have landed themselves a really lovely home so we're very happy for them. They were found (separately) wandering outdoors on their own. Padraig would have been about five months old at that stage and little Niamh only  four-five weeks!  It wasn't a great start in life, baby Niamh nearly caused a road traffic accident by wandering out into the road.  All changed when kind members of the public found each of them and took them to the same vet.  The lovely vet surgery took them in, treated them for worms and fleas and spent time trying to find their owners to reunite them.  When no owners came forward they asked if we could take them into rescue. Padraig is a very gentle, loving little boy who loves to snuggle and play.  Niamh is less of a snuggler and more keen to be chasing around and playing, she's quite a chatterbox too.  She has a purr twice her size though which she saves for when she's being stroked.  

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield


Kevin from Cat Action Trust 1977 Doncaster South, homed through Cat ChatKevin has found his forever home via Cat Chat. Thank you. Kevin, born June, is a very handsome chap. He is confident, very playful and affectionate. He would love lots of toys and a catio or similar. Due to his colour he needed a secure space, and could not be allowed to roam.

Cat Action Trust 1977, Doncaster South


Cookie from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, homed through Cat ChatCookie was seen on your site, so thank you. We are so grateful to you. This handsome tuxedo puss is an affectionate lap-cat, an ideal furry friend for a more home-based cat lover/s. He is at his happiest snuggled up on a welcome lap or comfy chair.  He is mostly an indoor cat but would like the opportunity to venture outdoors in safe location. He is a sensible, kind boy seeking a quiet adult home (older gentle children). With an older friendly puss he should be fine. Unfortunately and sadly he is frightened of dogs. He thrives on human companionship so was very keen to find his special person ASAP.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes


Anouska & Sherlock from Cat Action Trust South Doncaster, homed through Cat ChatThese two have found their forever home together after being spotted on Cat Chat. Thank you. These gorgeous kittens were born as part of a litter of 4 in a garden in May. Anouska is the brindle tortie girl, Sherlock the tabby and white boy.

Cat Action Trust 1977, Doncaster South


Alex, from MogsnDogs, Cambridge, homed through Cat ChatWe're pleased to say that Alex has now been rehomed and was found through Cat Chat, thought you'd like to know about a successful rehoming :) Thank you so much! Alex is a very handsome boy, 21 months old and has the most stunning white whiskers! He loves company and fuss and is a very happy content moggy! Sadly owner is moving and Alex cannot go with them due to a ‘no pets' policy.

MogsnDogs, Cambridge


Gilly & Pumpkin from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatGilly (left) & Pumpkin have been rehomed after being seen on Cat Chat. Gilly had a very sad start in life. She was found in a distressed state by a very busy crossroads. We deduced from her behaviour that she had had kittens; these might have been sold on, and she was dumped! She is no more than a year old, and she is one of the most affectionate cats we have ever had. I think she was glad to be safe and having some TLC. She will make a lovely pet for her loving family, she cwtches into you and purrs.
Pumpkin was rejected by his former owner, and was quite shy but with the right home and patience he would make a lovely companion. He's been an indoor cat but we are sure when he's happy with his new surroundings he could explore the outside world. He's a handsome boy that so needed a secure forever home. Two lucky moggies to be advertised on this site! Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Bandit from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, homed through Cat ChatBandit has an ideal home thanks to Cat Chat- well worth the wait. This darling most affectionate golden oldie’s owner had moved into a nursing home. Bandit  is as sweet as can be - a real 'people cat' and a companion cat par excellence. She has so much love to give. With her striking markings she's a real head turner.  Bandit would be an ideal friend to a more home-based cat lover/s, and would probably enjoy the company of another older gentle puss as her brother died recently and she missed him a lot. She would like access to safe outdoor space to explore but is likely to be too happy enjoying the comforts of domestic life (and your lap) to venture far. She is a sturdy girl and in seems in good health.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes


Jena-Whinnybank.jpgHi Cat Chat -  Brilliant news! Jena the kitten has found a home after being spotted on our page only 2 hours after we listed her! She was a bit timid, so was not suitable for a home with young children, but we think she'll come round.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Beth, Jay, June from Ann & Bill's Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatJust to let you know that these three have been rehomed thanks to being seen on Cat Chat. Jay (centre), a quiet girl who's a bit shy, has gone to a family who just loves cats. June (right) is very friendly and affectionate once she knows you, has gone to a young couple, and is well settled in new home. Beth (left), a very loving young lady, has got a lovely home with a young couple. All the best and thank you.

Ann & Bill's Cat Rescue, Hornchurch


Gnocchi from Precious Paws Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatGnocchi was homed through Cat Chat - thank you so much as always. She is very definite about what she wants and doesn't want, but as she really likes lots of things that is all right. She loves to play and to explore so needed safe outdoor access once settled. Loves all her food. Loves strokes and will purr when you stroke her even when she's having a nap. Stamps biscuits on your knee before settling down. She loves sitting on your lap. She has a good wash and keeps herself well groomed, and she'll sometimes groom her human too. But she does not like other cats so needed a home as only cat.

Precious Paws Cat Rescue, York


Miss Tiggs, from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, homed through Cat ChatA big thank you to Catchat. Miss Tiggs was spotted on your site by a 5 star cat lover and is now enjoying her life in a young loving family. She is a beautiful slender girl with a lovely nature. She is super affectionate, bright and cheerful and is in good health. She enjoys a fuss and happily rubbed up against the legs of her foster mum and dad. She should be fine with older children who are gentle and familiar with cats. We understand that she'd always been a house cat but we think she might enjoy access to a secure garden.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes


Hamish, Flynn & Hamish, homed via Cat ChatGreat news - Hamish has been homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat page as have a pair of ginger boys: Flynn, 18 weeks (left) & (another) Hamish, 14 weeks. Due to unfortunate circumstances long-haired Hamish was looking for a new home. He is a 7 year old who is very affectionate, loves company and likes to go outside. Younger cats Flynn and Hamish posed carefully so that their leg stripes line up, and although not brothers they were bonded and have found a home together.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Dinky from Feline Network Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatDinky was spotted on Cat Chat and snapped up! Little Dinky was the runt of her litter and much smaller than her big sisters. Her fosterer had to bottle feed her for weeks as her mum's milk had dried up but she did really well. Dinky is black, short-haired, an absolute delight, extremely playful, great fun as she just loves her mouse on a string and it's hilarious to watch the acrobatics while she chases her best toy.  Dinky takes a little time to get to trust new people, she might be a bit nervous to start, but will make someone a wonderful companion and family member.

Feline Network Cat Rescue, Paignton

Appy & Pet

Appy & Pet from Life For Cats Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatAppy and Pet have a wonderful new home thanks to Cat Chat and all your hard work. Appy and Pet are young adult Brown Spotted Savannahs that are happy living together and for Pet’s sake needed to be rehomed together.  Appy is an adult male Savannah born in 2019 and very playful and friendly, especially with men/boys.  He loves to cuddle into your neck and jump on your knee. Pet is an adult female Savannah born in 2018, bonded to Appy and needs him for her confidence as she is easily frightened when on her own, although a real softie with a sweet nature. This is a bonded pair of Savannahs and as with the majority of Savannahs, they will not stay on the floor. They need to be part of your lives and will jump up on your worktop to see if they can help you with what you are doing.  Appy will take the lead and is the one that will slot into your way of life with kindness and communication, and Pet will follow his lead.  In true Savannah style they will have their mad times when they will run around your lounge or house in manic style, hoping for you to join in for playtime.  Then they calm down and love to lay in front of you and maybe see what’s on TV.

Life For Cats Welfare, Nottingham


Salem & Twinkle from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatJust to let you know Salem (left) and Twinkle have been rehomed with the help of Cat Chat. They had been with us for some time. Salem is a little shy at first but loves his food. He'd lived happily with a family for 6 years and was got rid of because of a child on the scene. Salem needed a loving home where he'd be loved entirely and never abandoned again. Twinkle is a lovely mature girl but still playful. Although she could live with other cats she can be a little bossy, so she would be happier as the only cat in the household.  She is very friendly so would suit a household with older children who would not pull her about but play sensibly with her.  Because of personal circumstances of her owner who could no longer keep her, she came into rescue. Without Cat Chat I think they would still be with us! Many thanks.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Jasmine & Jasper from Crescent Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatWe do believe that the new owners mentioned Cat Chat! Jasmine (left) is a lovely girl and is the calmer one of the two. She's a little more reserved but once she's used to you, she'll come out of her shell. She likes to play and to nap (a lot!) and overall is just a lovely-natured girl. They were both in a pen with a few other cats so could definitely be in a home with other feline friends. Jasper's the more lively one of the two. He too likes to play a lot and be a little minx. He just adores a cuddle and fuss. He's a very distinguished gentleman with his white flecks. He's really tiny too so looks a lot younger than he is.

Crescent Cat Rescue, Tendring


Seth & Sidney from Bushy Tail Cat Aid, homed through Cat ChatYes, Seth (left) and Sidney have been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat's support. Seth was born on the street and was found covered in dirt, flies, and on the verge of dying. Sidney had experience of living outdoors too, until he was beaten up to the point of losing his eyesight, and dumped in a garbage bin. What a start to life! Both boys, Egyptian Maus, came into our care at the same time and they became best friends. But no-one seemed to want a nearly blind cat and we never had any interest in these boys. Yet, they are such sweet and affectionate creatures with so much love to give! Although they had some health problems in the past and Sidney has little sight, they have had thorough vet checks and received a clean bill of health. They needed an indoor home with windows and balcony secured, a catio or a secured garden. We are extremely grateful, and their adopter is absolutely amazing. Well worth waiting a year!

Bushy Tail Cat Aid, Watford


Rhea, from Feline Friends, Winchester homed through Cat ChatRhea has been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat. She’s a five year old tabby and white girl, friendly and affectionate, but would prefer to be the only cat in the house. She is fully vaccinated and neutered.

Feline Friends, Winchester


Millie, from Anim Mates, Sevenoaks homed through Cat ChatI’m happy to report that Millie has been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat! Millie is a gentle and loving but very nervous cat who needs a lot of understanding and patience. She will need a calm and quiet home where she can be the only cat. 10 year old Millie is quite nocturnal and loves a cuddle when you’re in bed; she may even sleep on your pillow above your head once settled and comfortable. She is very affectionate and loving, but in her own time, and sometimes benefits from you sitting with her quietly without making a fuss. Millie absolutely loves head and bum scratches and just can't get enough of these!

Anim Mates, Sevenoaks


Isabelle, from CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester homed through Cat ChatWe'd like to thank you for your help. Isabelle was spotted on Cat Chat and has now been offered her forever home. She's a beautiful, fluffy, friendly girl. She loves a fuss and cuddle and her favourite feather toy. She would love access to outdoors as she's been used to this. Isabelle should be fine with other cats with slow introductions.

CRG Animal Rescue, Leicester


Myrtie, from Precious Paws, Rickmansworth homed through Cat ChatLovely Myrtle has been rehomed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. She is a fun loving, playful kitten who had no toys where she was born and is making up for it now. She can be very vocal and loves attention when she knows you, which does not take long.

Precious Paws, Rickmansworth

Stanley & Jacob

Stanley & Jacob from Caring Animal Rescue, homed through Cat ChatThese two found their homes after being spotted on the rescue's Cat Chat page. Stanley (left) is a tiny little chap just bursting with character. He is a very playful (then) 8 week old kitten who was looking for a loving forever home. The other gorgeously handsome polite little chap is Jacob who was then 11 weeks old and looking to join a family who can give him all the affection he deserves. Jacob is very vocal & extremely purry & likes to play.

Caring Animal Rescue, Stafford

Milky, Marco, Pebbles & Clive

Great news CPebbles, Clive, Milky & Marco from All For The Love of Paws Rescue, homed through Cat Chatat Chat: Milky (bottom left) and Marco (bottom right) are now together in their new home and so are Pebbles and Clive (top left and right). All these cats have found new homes through your site. They were siblings about 1 year old who could have been homed as any pair, and were friendly and used to being handled. They needed homes as indoor cats and have now found them.

All For The Love of Paws Rescue, West Bromwich


Ed & Ben from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatEd (left) and Ben have been chosen after being seen on Cat Chat. Ed came to us as a result of a family breakdown. This is so sad for a cat....  He loves his food and needed a family that would not discard him again like an old piece of clothing. He is an affectionate cat that needs stability. Ben came into rescue because his owners could not take him into new rented accommodation. He is very affectionate, he can stand up for himself, but he can live with other cats. He too loves his food and a ball to play with. Ben needed to have his freedom again and a loving family to take care of him. Thank you for advertising them; without you they would still be in rescue.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Thank you so much - Ruby was noticed via Cat Chat which definitely helped. She is a gem of a cat with one beautiful eye. She came to us as a mum living on an industrial estate with her kittens. Now her kittens have got homes and her injured eye was removed she is showing her true personality. She is lively, playful and affectionate with tortietude. She will let you know when she wants attention by tapping your hand! She is very quick with her paws when playing. She can be a bit unsure of hands coming to her from her blind side but this does not stop her hunting flies! She is absolutely full of fun - likes to be involved in everything and would make a wonderful addition to the right home. She is very quick and active so we do think she would like to go outside if safe to do so.

Precious Paws Cat Rescue, York


Princess Penelope from Mitzi's Kitty Corner, homed through Cat ChatGreat news. Princess P has been rehomed - an ideal home. They saw her on Cat Chat.  We do not know anything of her history/background as she was taken to the vets by a kind person who found her wandering the streets. Penelope spent 2 weeks at the vets, where she was given regular meals as she was very thin, and given a health check - luckily everything was ok. Nobody claimed her, and that is when she came in to the rescue's care. She was a big hit with the vet staff, and it is easy to see why as she is such a lovely girl; very friendly and relaxed, she loves people and company, and is not nervous at all. She's a delightful girl.

Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes


Norris, from Consett Cat Rescue, Consett homed through Cat ChatNorris was homed through Cat Chat. Born September 2021, been in rescue since November 2021. Norris is a bit of a character. He is a big softy really but because he came here as a young feral kitten, he can be scared of strangers and so will take a short while to get used to any new owners. He does run about and play with the other cats here. Can get a bit boisterous and is a big lad. But we think he will become a bit of a lazy lollop as he matures as his mum is a lazy lump and he is identical to her in colouring and taking after her in size.

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett

Heaven & Archie

Heaven & Archie, from Feline Network Cat Rescue, Paignton, homed through Cat ChatHeaven and Archie are in their lovely new home after being spotted on Cat Chat!!  Heaven (left), two year old tabby girl who is really coming out of her shell and would love a home of her own. Archie (right), five year old British Blue boy, he is loving, funny and friendly. Likes a little sit on your lap but then likes to carry on with exploring! He would be best as an only cat. Good health, eats well and plays when he is in the mood.

Feline Network Cat Rescue, Paignton


Harley's owners were moving abroad so she was looking for a new home.  She's the boss and she will tell you when she has had enough strokes. She is used to dogs and other cats and enjoys nothing better than snoozing on the end of the bed at night. She also enjoys being outdoors. We are so pleased that Harley has now found a new home after being spotted on our Cat Chat page :-) Thanks, as always, for your help.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Coco from Strawberry Persian Cat Rescue, homed via Cat ChatCoco is a female Persian chinchilla rescued with 9 other cats from a breeder's locked shed. They were in a terrible state, and poor Coco had to recover from being very thin and having her horrendous mats removed. Shy but tolerant, she loves other cats and really came round to humans, eventually letting her fosterers clean her eyes. She very much got a home via Cat Chat - we have them listed there first of all.

Strawberry Persian Cat Rescue, Malvern


Bella from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, homed through Cat ChatBig Bella the Fella (a male despite the name!) has been rehomed via Cat Chat. He's the partner to Snowball (listed separately). He's a large boy but has a lovely temperament. The couple who rehomed Snowball came back for Bella. Great news that they are being kept together - all because of Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Snowball & Miss Muffet from Maesteg Animal Wlelfare Society, homed through Cat ChatMiss Muffet (left) and Snowball have been rehomed after being seen on Cat Chat. Snowball was a victim of her owner being made homeless and then unable to find accommodation that would accept pets. When she came to the rescue on a temporary measure she was petrified but has turned into the most loving cat and very affectionate. She loves her food and loves cuddles.
Miss Muffet is a gentle cat who loves affection. She was handed over to a new owner after her first one no longer wanted her when she grew out of kittenhood. However, she was not neutered as new owner had been led to believe, and had kittens. She managed very well being such a young mother, but her new owner could not cope. They were all passed on to the rescue and without Cat Chat Miss Muffet, and Snowball, would still be with us. Thank you.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Simba & Lumen from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatSimba and Lumen were spotted on Cat Chat. They are both lovely cats and had to be homed together. Lumen (female) is about 9 years old, Simba (male) is a bit younger. Simba was more upset than Lumen as he felt his world has been turned upside down, whereas Lumen was much more relaxed. Many thanks for your support.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Dinky from Moonstone Rescue, homed through Cat ChatDinky is a lovely girl who is confident and loves flirting around for attention. She came into the rescue under the expectation of being there temporarily but after a few months it was clear she would not be able to return to her previous owner. This was no issue for her as she had settled well in her foster home and was an absolute joy to be around. We knew she would need a very special home. She has now moved to her forever home where she receives constant love and attention and the whole team couldn't be happier with her happily ever after. Dinky is greatly missed in the rescue, especially by her fosterer, but we know she is living her absolute best life and that's all we want, for all the cats that come into the rescue. Her new owners found her through Cat Chat.

Moonstone Rescue, Hertford


O'Malley, from Cats Protection South East Kent, Folkestone homed through Cat Chat"I can't thank Cat Chat, and Cats Protection, enough for helping me find Mr O'Malley.  He settled in almost immediately, and is an absolute joy.  Friendly and affectionate, he's very much his own cat.  He likes his food, playing with toys, especially catnip ones, and doing a lot of dashing round the house on some highly secret cat missions." Maggie

Mr. O'Malley was homed from Cats Protection South East Kent branch

Caleb & Hogan

Caleb  & Hogan, from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatBrilliant news - wee boys Caleb & Hogan are now homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat page. They have been homed together so we wish them many happy playful years :-) They are two cheeky eight-week-old boys who have formed a strong bond and are always together. Thanks, as always, for your support.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Jerry, from Furball Rescue, Camberley homed through Cat ChatLovely ginger boy Jerry is a six years old, FIV+ lad who was looking for an indoor home. He is OK with female cats and young male cats and the rescue knew that, once settled he would be an affectionate chap with a cheeky side. Jerry has been happily homed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Furballs Rescue, Camberley

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