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Below are a selection of cats recently homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!

Ralf from Aylesbury Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatThank you Cat Chat for making Ralf an Overlooked Cat. He was spotted on your website and managed to get himself a lovely forever home just in time for Christmas. Ralf is a laid back boy who loves to chat and prefers male company though he doesn't mind females too. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and thanks for all your help.

Aylesbury Cat Rescue

Angel, from Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire, homed through Cat ChatAngel came into rescue as a pregnant stray. Only about a year old herself she gave birth to five healthy kittens and was a lovely mummy to her babies. After a poor start in life she has now found a wonderful loving home through Cat Chat. Her new family tell us she settled with them from day one, so much so they feel she has always been a part of the family.

Burton-upon-Stather Cat Rescue, Lincolnshire

Dinky & Ivy, from Cat Rescue West Wales, Whitland, homed through Cat ChatDelightful Dinky (left) is a small very friendly girl who loves to cuddle, play and always greets you with a miaw. Ivy (right) was found living with her kittens in someone's garden. She is a very friendly little girl with a little squeaky meow. She loves a fuss and will purr and stomp when you stroke her. Both were homed through enquiries on Cat chat. Thank you so much.

Cat Rescue West Wales, Whitland

Tramp from Babs Cats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatGood news - Tramp has found his new home, after being spotted on Cat Chat. Tramp came to us as a 4/5 year old stray. He is a lovely affectionate long haired boy who will need grooming.

Babscats, Swanley

JayJay from Anima-Mates, Sevenoaks, homed through Cat ChatWe are very pleased to tell you that Jayjay has been rehomed to Tonbridge, Kent, by a couple who saw her on the Overlooked pages of CatChat. Our thanks to all at Cat Chat. Jayjay is a young-at-heart 12 year old whose owner became too ill to care for her. She is a very happy cat starting her new life. Best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year.

Anima-Mates, Sevenoaks

Bea, Ella, Queenie and others, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatWe have had a tremendous homing as a result of Cat Chat: Bea (left, her owner was moving and did not want to take her), Ella (middle, also abandoned when her owners moved home), and Queenie (right, came into rescue because of her owner's ill health). Also Daisy, Llewi, Pixie, Max and Coco, and harder-to-home Hazel have been rehomed. Thank you so much for this site.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Molly & Mae, from RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow, homed through Cat ChatThese beautiful girls are 4-month old Molly and Mae, who were found in a box. Even though they are quite shy, they’ve now been homed as a result of being seen on your Overlooked Cats section. Thank you so much for helping to find a loving home for them!

RSPCA Stort Valley, Harlow

Samson, from Pet Rescue Greater Manchester, Lancashire, homed through Cat ChatSamson is a very big cat over 6kg. He is a beautifully marked marble tabby with the head of a lion. He is FIV positive and has lived rough on an allotment for many years. Samson will now be going to his new home in January. His new parents did find his details on your Overlooked section, and I'm delighted this beautiful boy now has the future he deserves. Best Whiskers!

Pet Rescue Greater Manchester, Lancashire

Ellie, Monty & Romeo, from Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatEllie (left) was vile in the rescue and didn't do anything to sell herself. Eventually a couple came armed with gardening gloves and gave Ellie a chance, she came out of the basket a reformed character and was soon purring on the sofa. She didn't like the pen and rescue and once in a house was on her best behaviour. Monty (middle) was overlooked time and time again, his new owner says it's a lot of people's losses as he's absolutely gorgeous. Romeo (right) spent too long with us but eventually moved on thanks to Cat Chat.

Kirkby Cats Home, Nottingham

Amber, Apricot, Casper & others, from Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatDue to being seen on Cat Chat, two timid long-termers Amber and Apricot (left) have found an outdoor home to suit their needs, they are now living in alfresco luxury. We were beginning to wonder if Casper (right) would ever find somewhere but after months of being in the pen he found a new family in time for Christmas. Also rehomed thanks to Cat Chat were Lulu, Nigel, Little Felix, Molly and Alice.

Burton Joyce Cat Welfare, Nottingham

Princess & Tobias from Maesteg Animal Welfare SocietyBeautiful Blue Tortoiseshell Princess (left) came to Maesteg for safety as her owner suffered from mental health problems and she was in the middle of a lot of disruption. She was extremely nervous. Tobias's owner died but he may think he was abandoned. He can be a bit nervous but a bowl of food does the trick! Thankfully they were both seen on Cat Chat and have now gone to their forever homes. Thank you Cat Chat for assisting us in rehoming these cats.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society

Magic from BabsCats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatLittle black Magic came to the shelter through no fault of her own and desperately needed to find a loving home. She is 2 years old, super friendly and has been neutered. She was spotted on Cat Chat and is now going to a loving forever home all of her own. Thanks Cat Chat!

BabsCats, Swanley

Theo & Sol, from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatOur big beautiful boy Theo’s (left) family became very suddenly homeless and he came into us at very short notice. He was completely bewildered by the sudden change and spent the first four days hiding under his bed. He has now found his new home after being seen on Cat Chat, as did Sol (right), our lovely gentle boy who spent so long living by himself after the death of his owner. He’s also been rehomed after been spotted on Cat Chat. Both of them are now much loved in their new homes.

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley

Charlotte, Whisky & Peanut, from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatA big thank you due! Charlotte (left), a lovely little girl who came in to our care after being dumped in a garden with her kittens, found a new home after being seen on our Cat Chat page. Whisky and Peanut (right), a pair of ginger boys dumped by the side of a busy A road who had to be trapped as they were so terrified, have now found their new home where they are the centre of their new owner's world. Many thanks.

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley

Kenco, from Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatKenco came into our care as a stray and very pregnant ! She loves people and likes everybody but the postman, it is still a mystery as to why. She is an eating machine and would raid worktops, tables and wherever she could grab something. But having had four hungry mouths to feed for weeks, we'll forgive her. She is not much of a lap cat at the monent as she still feels the need to be keeping an eye on her very naughty kittens, but she likes a pick up cuddle and tummy rub. Only really being a bit of a baby herself and having had to fend for herself for much of the time she has not had too much of a chance to relax so far. Kenco and her babies all found their forever homes having been seen on our Cat Chat page. Huge thanks to all.

Nuneaton & Hinckley Cats in Need, Hinckley

Davy & Dillon, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough, homed through Cat ChatLovely little brothers Davy (left) and Dillon (right) are quiet little kittens but love to play. They have lovely colourings and are friendly and outgoing like all their siblings. They’ve now been homed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat.

Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough

Waffle & Peaches, from Wonky Pets Rescue, Northampton, homed through Cat ChatWaffle (left) and Peaches (right) are 13 week old kittens who came to us along with 10 other cats all from the same home, sadly all unneutered and had been allowed just to keep breeding. Whilst their living conditions hadn’t been great, they are absolutely healthy and well fed and have been doing great since being with us. They are a little shy at first until they get to know you but once bonded they love a fuss and are very sweet kittens who will blossom into super young cats once in a loving family home. They’ve now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Wonky Pets Rescue, Northampton

Matilda & Maisie, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatMatilda (left) has not had a good start in life. She had 6 kittens in a shed which did not belong to her owner, as a result she was scooted out and her kittens were about to be drowned. Someone intercepted these kittens and we bottle fed them until they were old enough to be rehomed. An advert was then put onto FB with this little cat on it as a kind person was feeding her. She was recognised as the mother of the kittens we had so we took her in. At this point we got her spayed straight away to find she was in the early stages of pregnancy again. She is a beautiful cat, very friendly and quite petite. Maisie (right) was found in a layby. We don't know whether she was dumped, wandered and lost her way or just left behind. Maisie is a tiny cat, she is so small we thought she was only about 6 months old, until we found her details on a chip. Both have now been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Ginge & Buster, from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatPoor Ginge (left) belonged to someone who could not bother to look after him. He is a lovely boy, very friendly and deserved better. His ex-owner never let him inside the house, but never gave him a shelter either. Buster (right) is such a lovely boy, unfortunately his mum died and he did not realise why he had been put into rescue. Both have now been rehomed thanks to Cat Chat.

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend

Midnight’s kittens & Sieffer, from Ren’s Rescue, Hull, homed through Cat ChatMidnight's three kittens (left) were found on the engine block of a van as it was being driven away. Luckily the driver heard them meow! Poor Sieffer (right) has been through a very hard time. He's spent his entire life with the same family ,and with another cat called Aries. At the end of July 2018 his family were forced to give up both cats and asked Ren's Rescue to take them in. They proved to be very affectionate, quiet, gentle cats, who loved to curl up next to each other. Sadly Aries died at the end of August and so Sieffer has lost everyone he's known all his life. Thankfully they’ve all found new homes thanks to being seen on Cat Chat.

Ren’s Rescue, Hull

Amy, Tia & Ginger, from Mitzi’s Corner, Totnes, homed through Cat ChatWe are so grateful to Cat Chat for enabling us to find excellent homes for two of our overlooked cats. Amy (left) was with us for about 5 months, Tia (middle) for about 11 months. And very quickly we found the perfect home for darling stray Ginger (right). Both of our overlooked pusscats found really special people - love at first sight - and we feel that the wait was worth it. We get regular updates, pics and news from their new homes and they are spoilt rotten!!.

Mitzi’s Corner, Totnes

Dennis, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough, homed through Cat ChatLovely blue eyed, white with dark grey back, tail and head, playful and loving Dennis has now found his forever home with a lovely family. Many thanks for doing a wonderful job for the shelters!

Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough


Tom from Small Pet and Cat Care, Hull, homed through Cat ChatAfter Tom's owner moved and left him behind, he lived on the streets for a few years which took its toll on him. He had a bad abcess wound which required two operations and he came to Small Pet and Cat Care when he recovered. He also has FeLV and was looking for a home with an understanding and patient owner who would help him to trust humans again. We are glad to say he was spotted on Cat Chat by a lovely young man and now has his furever home.

Small Pet and Cat Care, Hull

Marley from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat Chat14 month old Marley's owner could no longer look after him so he was brought to Whinnybank for rehoming. He is a sweet boy who was looking for a forever home without any other cats because he doesn't like them. The good news is that he has been homed after being spotted on our Cat Chat page. Many thanks to Cat Chat for their help as always!

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary

Rosie, Sadie & Tina, from Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough, homed through Cat ChatRosie (left) is a lovely older kitten, already a very young mum but her kittens died. Sadie (middle) is a nervous young cat but once she is used to you loves a fuss. Tina (right) is a pretty ginger girl from a litter of four, she is such a friendly young puss! All three have now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Ryedale & Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough

Miss Lemon, from NAWT Tameside, Manchester, homed through Cat ChatMiss Lemon is a beautiful smokey grey and white 5yr old. Sadly her owner had to go into a nursing home and poor Miss Lemon was obviously missing her very much and finding the changes in her life hard to deal with. Now, this lovely girl has finally been rehomed... "Hi Cat Chat, we owe you a massive big thank you. After 18 months of inquiries we have found just the right lady for Miss Lemon; she lives alone, with no children, no other pets and not on a main road. When our fosterer took Miss Lemon to her new home she couldn't believe how well the cat reacted; fussing rolling over etc. We've had photos back and a glowing report. All thanks to you."

NAWT Tameside, Manchester

Lola from BabsCats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatLola is 4 and came to us with another cat when their owner sadly had to go into a nursing home. She is a friendly, loving cat, good with other cats and children. A lovely couple spotted her on Cat Chat and she has been homed. Many thanks Cat Chat.

BabsCats, Swanley


Miss Hissy from Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, North Yorkshire, homed through Cat ChatThis pretty dark tortie kitten, with lovely markings (takes after her mum), was also known as ‘Miss Hissy’ (or ‘Kitten 3’). She has now been Homed via Cat Chat.

Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, North Yorkshire

Chad, from Cat Rescue, Chippenham, homed through Cat ChatChad was brought into rescue when he turned up on a farm which had dogs running free, and the owners were concerned for Chad's safety. He appeared to be feral on arrival and was hissing and lashing out with his paw. However, patience and kindness helped him to realise that people are not that bad and he now enjoys a stroke purring and rubbing his head against my hand. He has now been rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Cat Rescue, Chippenham

Dandylion & Douglas, from Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford, homed through Cat ChatDandyLion & Douglas are a smashing pair of white and tabby brothers who really wanted to find a home together. They are both lively, playful and confident kittens - a great choice for a lively household. These super siblings have now been rehomed together after being spotted on Cat Chat.

Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford

Luna from BabsCats, Swanley, homed through Cat ChatLovely Luna is around 2 years old. Luna was looking for a loving, kind home with a garden that she could explore once she was fully settled in, and with no children. The good news is that she was spotted on Cat Chat by a local lady and has been rehomed. Lucky black cat week! Many thanks again to Cat Chat.

BabsCats, Swanley

Kittens 2 & 4 from Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare, homed through Cat ChatThis lovely tabby girl and black boy are kittens 2 & 4 of a family of 4 siblings. Kitten 2 is a pretty girl, friendly and playful. Kitten 4 is handsome boy who is well-handled. We are happy to say that they have found their purfect forever home through being seen on Cat Chat. Many thanks Cat Chat!

Ryedale & Scarborough Cats Welfare

Hattie from Rolvenden Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatSweet little shiny black girl Hattie came into our care as an unhandled cat. We noticed significant changes, and were looking for the right person for whom the challenge of gaining her trust and bringing her out would be an extremely rewarding experience. After three long years with us, Hattie was spotted on Cat Chat by a lady with the patience and understanding to give her the time she needs, and she has now gone to her purrfect home with a wonderful meowmy.

Rolvenden Cat Rescue

Alfie from Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatAlfie came to us after his owner moved away and left him without a backward glance, and he was very defensive at first. This young lad deserved better, as all these beautiful animals do, a home where he will be lavished with love and affection for the rest of his life. Thankfully we are delighted to say that Alfie has been adopted after being seen on Cat Chat. Thank you Cat Chat for all your help and support.

Lancashire Paws Cat Rescue

Gordon from Rugeley Cats Society Charitable Trust, homed through Cat ChatGordon was a 7 year old lad who found himself on the lookout for a new home. He was a little nervous, so he was looking for a child free home where someone would be able to give him plenty of head rubs and fusses. He was also nervous of other cats so his special wish was for a home all to himself with a garden where he could have a little amble. Luckily he was spotted on Cat Chat and he now has that special loving home all of his own.

Rugeley Cats Society Charitable Trust

Spot, from Angus Cat Rescue, Arbroath, homed through Cat ChatSpot is around 4 years old, a bit of a worrier till he gets to know you. He was spotted on the Cat Chat pages and is settling in great in his new home. Many thanks for your continued support.

Angus Cat Rescue, Arbroath

Hector, Herbie, Harvey & Henry, from C8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield, homed through Cat ChatThese four shy young men came into rescue at about one week old, along with their mum Hecate (who has recently been adopted). They'd been born in a garden and their poor mum was only a youngster herself, though so far as we understand had already had two previous litters outdoors. They're now very happy, playful and loving kits, and have been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield

Tia & Amy from Cool Cats at Mitzi's Kitty Corner, TotnesTia (left) and Amy (right) were overlooked for a long time. Tia was a much-loved family pet who found it hard to cope with an energetic child. Amy was very affectionate and companionable and liked a lot of fuss. Willow was a very affectionate sweet-natured girl looking for a quiet adult home. All three found fabulous new homes in the same week via Cat Chat and we are very, very grateful!

Cool Cats at Mitzi's Kitty Corner, Totnes

Alexa and Sirri from Kirkby Cats Home, homed through Cat ChatAlexa and Sirri were 2 years old when their humans moved away and left them behind. They were friendly girls with lovely natures and took the change in circumstances in their stride. They were looking for a new home together and would settle just about anywhere, making ideal family pets. The good news is they have found a new home after being seen on Cat Chat and have settled in straight away.

Kirkby Cats Home Nottingham

Fufu, from Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful Fufu is a very chilled cat who loves to curl up with a good basket! She’s an indoor cat and has shown no interest in going out. She has now been rehomed as a direct result of an enquiry through Cat Chat.

Cat & Kitten Rescue, Watford

Kiki, from Paws and Claws, West Sussex, homed through Cat ChatKiki is a stunning girl who doesn’t take kindly to other cats - her perfect home would be an adult-only, quiet household as the only pet. After all, if you are THAT beautiful, you should have your owners' attention all to yourself! She has finally been adopted thanks to Cat Chat and we hope she will be much loved in her new home and will live happily ever after.

Paws and Claws, West Sussex

Mary, Indy & Bowie, from Ann & Bill’s Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch, homed through Cat ChatThanks to Cat Chat we have rehomed Mary (left), who had been with us for some time because she was scared of people. But a young man and his sister saw her on our Cat Chat page and decided to give her a home – lucky Mary! Little Indy (middle) is one of the most affectionate kittens we've ever met. She wants ALL the cuddles! She walks up purring and will curl up in our laps. Her brother Bowie (right) loves to greet friends with a long meow... the longest meow we’ve ever heard, it is very cute. He is very playful and loves people. They now have a new home together.

Ann & Bill’s Cat & Kitten Rescue, Hornchurch

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