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Below are a selection of cats recently homed after being seen on Cat Chat.
If YOU have homed a cat with Cat Chat’s help, we'd love to know! If you have adopted a cat after seeing them on Cat Chat, or shelters who have re-homed a cat with Cat Chat's help, please email us as follows (with a photo if possible): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they could star on our "Roll of Honour"!


Toadette from Cats 'Friends Rescue, homed through Cat ChatToadette has now found a lovely forever home through the Cat Chat page. This poor little lady was found abandoned with a bad case of ringworm, but now treated she is a stunning little girl and really pulled the heart strings of her rescuers. She is quite shy on initial meeting but soon comes round to really enjoying a fuss. We believe she could be part British Shorthair, possibly cross Persian. In her new home she couldn't be more loved.

Cats' Friends Rescue, Rothwell, Northants



Darcy from 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust, homed through Cat ChatWe are delighted to say that Darcy has found a home through Cat Chat. He was overlooked for quite a while. He is a wee bit nervous when you first meet him. But when he gets to know you he's like a sticking plaster, not leaving you and always waiting to be close to you. He can be a bit of a minx, liking to take a gentle nibble at your finger -  especially when you are trying to change the litter tray!  He is such a loving cat, though, liking snuggles & kisses but very nervous & wary of new people so his true self doesn't shine out on first meet. Now he is with a lovely lady who is giving him the time & space to settle in, something that is needed when the cats have been abused & need to learn to trust people all over again. Thank you Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource, for helping us find cats a home!

7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust, Newtownabbey


Onslow from Precious Paws Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatOnslow was spotted on Cat Chat so massive thanks to you all. This beautiful chunk had been badly let down - abandoned on the streets, not neutered, not chipped, covered in wounds, dirty ears and matted fur. A very kind lady fed him but was elderly and struggling and so he came to us. He is a very sweet lad and affectionate but did have some insecurities due to his sad past so he needed an experienced owner in a quiet home without children. Like many street cats he was protective of his food bowl even when it was empty. He'd had such a rubbish time, and we are delighted to have secured him a happy future.

Precious Paws Cat Rescue, York



Walter & Nocka from  8 Lives Cats Rescue, homed through Cat ChatWalter (black & white) and Nocka (black) were rehomed through Cat Chat. They arrived in rescue the same weekend, from different local towns. They'd both been found straying and living rough for a while, and each had their own sad tale. Poor little Nocka (named by her Polish finder .. it means "little night") was only about 6 months old and was heavily pregnant. Sadly her kittens didn't survive and Nocka was poorly too following the birth. Walter had fared a little better. He'd befriended some neighbours who set up a little tent for him in their garden and fed him until they were able to get him into rescue. One morning, after Nocka had lost her babies and Walter had been neutered, they accidentally met on the landing between their bedrooms.They very quickly made friends. They've been there for each other, played together and groomed each other.  They've now found a forever home together. Nocka is a little shy when she first meets someone, but quite quickly becomes a little snuggle bug, frequently coming for cuddles. Walter is a little more reserved but enjoys gentle head bumps and reaches out for your arm to give him attention.They're settling very happily in their new home. Thank you so much for your help with finding lovely adopters.

8 Lives Cat Rescue, Sheffield



Oreo from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatOreo now has a lovely new home after being spotted on Cat Chat. Oreo came into the Sanctuary very underweight, and not much was known about her background, but she needed a nice quiet home with someone who would give her all the love she'd never had. Thanks as always to Cat Chat.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


tommy-preciouspaws.jpgIt took a while, but Tommy has been homed through Cat Chat. Every day Tommy would put his bow tie on ready for someone to ask about him but just like all the days before, nobody did. He asked his foster mum, "Why does nobody want me, mum? Is it because I’m black and white? Is it because I'm nervous of men? Is it because I’m 8?" She said, "Tommy, you have SO many good points: you could possibly live with dogs and cats, you are so well behaved, you lost your beloved owner then spent a year helpless on the streets, so you are resilient. You are beautiful inside and out.” We agree he is adorable. He's now found the right person to love him - and he is lovable.

Precious Paws Cat Rescue, York


Draco, from Furbabies Cat Rescue, Birmingham, homed through Cat ChatGentle giant Draco was rehomed after being spotted on Cat Chat. Draco hasn't had the best of starts in life, he turned up as a stray but sadly didn't get on with the finders’ cats. Draco has been aged between 2 and 5 years old and is FIV positive. He was very nervous when he first came into rescue and has taken his time to become accustomed to the company of multiple people. But once settled Draco is a fussy, friendly boy who just wants a lap to cuddle and a bed to share at night. He is a gentle giant and loves the attention!

Furbabies Cat Rescue, Birmingham


Simba & Nala  from Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, homed through Cat ChatSo pleased to report that Simba (male) & Nala (female) have now been homed after being spotted on Cat Chat - this lovely pair can now have the home comforts that they so deserve. They are both 7 years old. They have lived outside all their lives and now deserve to have the comfort of a nice warm home and to experience what it's like to live in a house. Both are super friendly and trying to take photos was near impossible as all they wanted was to cuddle up - so apologies for the quality of photo!

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh

Alfie and George

Alfie and George, from Ryedale and Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough, homed through Cat ChatMiddle-aged ginger beauties Alfie and George have found a new home together through Cat Chat. Their owners died recently, and the boys had been looked after in their own home for a while.  They love open spaces and used to roam the countryside.

Ryedale and Scarborough Cat Welfare, Scarborough 

Jack, Lawrence & Misty

Jack, Lawrence & Misty , from Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend, homed through Cat ChatJack, Lawrence and Misty have been homed via Cat Chat. Jack (left) came to us from a vet in Swansea. He had been wandering, full of fleas and not neutered. He has settled in so well, as if he had always been in that home. Lawrence (middle) was a lovely stray boy, quite shy when he came in, but with TLC has much more sociable.  Misty (right) was brought in by her owner who was suffering domestic violence. She had 7 kittens with her, but only 3 survived.  We do not know much about her background or what she endured during her stay at a very violent house. She was nervous when she came in and did her best with her kittens. She protected them so well, that every time a cat passed by the cage she flew at them to attack.  As a result, we thought she would not cope with other cats. However, once her kittens had been rehomed and she was neutered, she became a very loving cat.  Misty and Lawrence were homed together to a beautiful property out in the countryside. Thank goodness for Cat Chat!

Maesteg Animal Welfare Society, Bridgend


Tardis from Lulubells Rescue, homed through Cat ChatThe lovely Tardis was found and rehomed via Cat Chat which makes us really happy!! He is settling in so well in his new home.Thanks. He's a loving cat who likes to spend sometime outside but doesn't stray far. He doesn't mind attention and strokes on his terms; no belly rubs though!

Lulubells Rescue, Enfield


Janine-Ira-John_ConsettCR.jpgThree black beauties homed via Cat Chat! Janine (left) is a playful lap cat who adores a fuss. Ira (middle) is the biggest of three brothers and has a big personality. John (right) is a quiet boy with a bit of a thing about sniffing people's feet - otherwise he's a normal, loving cat.

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett


Hagan-Pumpkin-Peanut_ConsettCR.jpgA bumper crop of cats also homed via Cat Chat! Hagan (left) is nervous at first of new people but soon adjusts. Peanut (right) pretends not to want a stroke, but then doesn't want you to stop. Pumpkin (middle) is short-legged almost like a Munchkin, and craves affection.There's also Krystoff, an ex-feral (no photo, sorry).

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett


Spooky from Consett Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatSpooky has been homed via Cat Chat. He is a very chatty boy and certainly took a little while longer to come round from his feral kitten state when he first arrived but now he is so friendly he is ridiculous. And food, oh yes when feeding he just has to push his way in!

Consett Cat Rescue, Consett 


Alfie is a super-Alfie from Bentham & District Pet Rescue, homed through Cat Chatfriendly boy who enjoys pottering outside and snuggling up on the sofa. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood cats bullied Alfie outside in his last home and he lost his confidence. Alfie needed a patient home who could gradually introduce him to the outside world again. He's now been successfully rehomed via Cat Chat. He would love to go on your Roll of Honour! Woohoo!

Bentham and District Pet Rescue, Bentham


Coyote, from Precious Paws Cat Rescue, York, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful little calico Coyote was adopted as a result of being seen on Cat Chat. Coyote came into rescue after the owner who loved her very much was unable to afford to keep her. She was a lively, if somewhat skittish, young cat who enjoyed human company and liked to chat. Typical for a cat of her age, Coyote is adventurous and loves to explore, wardrobes being a favourite. She enjoys attention and a good cuddle, and would frequently climb onto her fosterer’s knee for a good old stroke followed by a snooze. 

Precious Paws Cat Rescue, York


Olly has found a home thanks to appearing on Cat Chat's Overlooked page. Say hello to Olly. This big fluffly bundle of perfection is the best! Olly came in after being found living on the streets. He’s approximately 7 years old and is the most affectionate boy. He loves fuss and being picked up and cuddled. It’s tricky to get a photo because he’s always shoving his head at you!

The Cat House Rescue, Bradford



Larry & Toddy from Toe Beans Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatLarry (left) and Toddy (right) have been homed via Cat Chat - thanks so much. Toddy is very affectionate - a snuggly, cuddly boy - once he gets to know you, and is calm and laid back. He loves sunbathing and a nap in a quiet place, but he doesn't like loud noises. He's playful too and likes exploring cardboard boxes and chasing his laser light toy. He enjoys watching the birds from the window but doesn't seem interested in going out even when given the chance; neither does Larry. Larry's a cheeky boy, stealing food, bouncing around the room, or chasing his tail or shadow. He likes to play and is very affectionate, loving ear scratches and rubbing against you, but isn't keen on being picked up. He's quite confident but doesn't like loud noises.

Toe Beans Cat Rescue, Saffron Walden


Misty & Callie from Caring Animal Rescue, homed through Cat ChatMisty (left) and Callie (right) have been homed via Cat Chat. Misty's a dark tortie lass, a little shy on first meeting people but once she gets to know someone she really enjoys affection. Callie needed a quiet home with an owner that would give her time to come out of her shell in her own time, but once she's overcome her initial shyness she's a very chatty girl who loves a fuss.

Caring Animal Rescue, Hixon, Staffordshire


Deacon & May B

Deacon & May B, from All Cats Rescue, Southampton, homed through Cat ChatFour month old kittens Deacon and May B have been homed, thanks to being seen on Cat Chat. They are very friendly and affectionate, bonded brother and sister, and were looking for a home together. Thank you for the invaluable service you offer.

All Cats Rescue, Southampton


Loki, Lola & Lula from Aylesbury Cat Rescue, homed through Cat ChatThanks to an enquiry to the rescue as seen on Cat Chat, these three were adopted before even making it onto the Homing pages! Tortie pair Lola and Lula were better suited to their new family than the cats they'd seen on the page, and tabby boy Loki is loving his new home.

Aylesbury Cat Rescue

Noella Tripod & Luna

Noella & Luna from Toe Beans Cat Rescue, homed throughCat ChatDelighted to say that Noella (left) and Luna (right) have been rehomed after being seen on Cat Chat - many thanks. Noella came into rescue as the victim of a road accident. Her back leg was too badly fractured to be saved. She's a cute girl who craves attention and purrs non-stop. She miaows and chirrups the day away. She loves to play and is happy on three legs - she doesn't know she's disabled and just gets on with life!
Lovely Luna's owners reluctantly had to rehome her - she adores a lap and isn't shy of new people. We love black cats and Luna is up there with the best of them.

Toe Beans Cats Rescue, Saffron Walden


Luna, from hinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh, homed through Cat ChatWee Luna has found a new home after being spotted our our Cat Chat page. She came to us after being found in St Andrews and was a very frightened little girl. Luna loved to play with ping pong balls and feather sticks. Luna liked to chase your feet when you were not looking.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary, Newburgh


Lilly, from Cat Action Trust 1977 Nuneaton & Hinckley, homed through Cat ChatBeautiful Lilly has now been adopted after being spotted in Cat Chat! She was crazy in love with everyone she met, you could stroke her from head to tail. She loved to headbutt you for attention and would happily take fuss for hours.  She felt most comfortable on the floor making biscuits on your knees.

Cat Action Trust 1977 Nuneaton & Hinckley


Spring, from Cat Watch Rescue Centre, Amesbury, homed through Cat ChatAffectionate and sweet Spring was homed through Cat Chat. After giving birth to three kittens, she was looking for her own forever home.

Cat Watch Rescue Centre, Amesbury

Sunny & Asher

Sunny & Asher, from BJ Cat Rescue with North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatThese kittens were homed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. Two of four kittens rescued from under a bush, living rough and relying on a kind couple to feed them. These kittens were born outdoors, their fosterer spent a lot of time bringing these boys on and they came to love cuddles.

BJ Cat Rescue with North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham

Twirl & Cookie

Twirl & Cookie, from BJ Cat Rescue with North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatThese kittens were homed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. Twirl and Cookie were two of seven feral kittens we recently trapped. This pair came on in leaps and bounds, both girls used to jump onto their fosterer's knees and loved affection.

BJ Cat Rescue with North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham

Princess, Ellen & Cassie

Princess, Ellen & Cassie, from BJ Cat Rescue with North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham, homed through Cat ChatThese girls were homed thanks to being spotted on Cat Chat. Princess (left) was left behind, supposedly being taken on by the next house owner.  This arrangement did not work out. She loved people and wrapping her arms around your  neck   A truly affectionate girl! Ellen (middle) came into the rescue with her three siblings. These kittens were about to be thrown out onto the streets until a kind neighbour rang the rescue to take them in. Ellen was a lovely lively little girl who would get along with anyone. Cassie’s (right) story was a sad one - Cassie’s owner had no choice but to leave his property.  As there were no rescue spaces at the time, her owner took her with him to live in his car as he was unable to take her to his temporary accommodation.  After hearing of his plight we squeezed Cassie in. Cassie was the most lovely affectionate girl you could wish for, not a bad bone in her body.

BJ Cat Rescue with North Notts Cat Rescue, Nottingham

Bertie & Teddy

Bertie and Teddy are 4 month old brothers. They are sweet and gentle natured, and love to play. They have been rehomed together, thanks to the adopters spotting them on CatChat. Thank you for all your help.

All Cats Rescue, Southampton



Princess & Tinkerbelle

PTinkerbelle and Princess from Little Paws Cat Haven, homed through Cat Chatrincess (right) and Tinkerbelle (left) are 8 year old sisters who were living, much loved, in a high-rise flat. Sadly their owner had to go into a care home, so they came into rescue. They were frightened at first in the unfamiliar environment of their foster home, seeing and hearing cars outside and with the ground so close, but calmed down - Princess more quickly than Tinkerbelle. They are lovely girls, very close, and have now found a new home together via CatChat. Thank you so much.

Little Paws Cat Haven, Wolverhampton

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