Wobbly Cats - What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Find out more about this rare feline neurological disorder.

With a little help from their humans, cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia can live safe, happy lives. A little know-how, and a caring home with lots of love is really all you need.

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Fireworks - Keeping cats safe & calm

Cats can become extremely distressed by the sights and sounds of fireworks.

Fireworks no longer mark a one night celebration, but span a season lasting from October to December. Find out how to keep your cat safe and calm during fireworks season.

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Your Cat’s Dental Health

Periodontal disease can be seen in 70% of cats over three years old.

Fortunately, there are things we as owners can do to keep our cat’s teeth in tip top condition. Find out more about routine oral care, and dental visits to the vets.

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Cats & Babies: Living in Harmony

Having a feline family member and a baby on the way is cause for celebration, not concern.

Cats not only benefit a baby's health and development, but with proper preparation they can live in harmony, and very possibly become best friends.

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Living with an Arthritic Cat

Did you know that 90% of cats over the age of 12 are affected by arthritis in at least one joint?

Learn how to spot the early signs of feline arthritis. Knowing how to manage the condition will improve your cat's comfort and wellbeing.

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25 Million Cats…

Meet International Cat Care introduced by Vicky Halls, acclaimed author and cat behaviourist.

As Manager of iCatCare’s Cat Friendly Homing project, Vicky is at the heart of this remarkable charity which each year touches the lives of 25 million cats across the world.

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Adopting Kittens? Brace yourself…

One couple’s experience of being first-time kitten owners.

No one can deny the love and fun that comes with adopting kittens... or the lengths their owners go to, to keep them safe, healthy and happy!

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Cat Fostering for the Cinnamon Trust

Love cats? Want to help when they need it most? This could be the answer...

Fostering a cat for The Cinnamon Trust gives you the love and companionship of a cat, but with 24/7 support, holiday cover and no vets fees!

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Helping Your Cat Get Into Shape

Find out how to monitor and maintain a healthy weight for your cat.

Zumba classes and gym memberships aren't an option for cats (as far as we know!). So if your feline friend is filling out, they will need your help to get back into shape.

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Living with a Blind Cat

In the right environment, blind cats can live happy, independent lives.

Blind cats adapt extremely well using their whiskers and incredible sense of smell and hearing. However, there are things their humans can do to make their lives easier.

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Pets: a Choice, not a Surprise

For anyone considering giving a pet as a present, please think twice!

Despite clear animal welfare advice, pets are still given as gifts. Find out why this is such a bad idea, and consider some fun alternatives that are better for the recipient and the pet.

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Why Rescue?

What makes happy cats, fulfilled owners and supports animal shelters?

Should you adopt from a rescue organisation, or buy from a private seller? If you love animals, adoption is the safest, most compassionate choice.

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