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Cat Care

Feliway - The Secret to Happy Cats
Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats, while they cope with a challenging situation and/or help prevent or reduce the stress caused to a cat during a change in their environment. For more information, visit:
Thank you to Feliway for sponsoring our feline behavioural information pages

Cat Chat sponsors feliway - reduces feline stress    

Cat Collars

Kitty Collars - Cat Safety Collars
Kitty Collars offers cute collars that are safe for your cats. All of our collars have clasps that are designed to open quickly in an emergency. Our speciality is personalised cat collars where we print your phone number directly on the collar. Even if your cat is microchipped (which we recommend), a personalised collar means you can be contacted sooner if your cat gets lost or injured. Please visit or call 01983 200201
Thank you to Kitty Collars for sponsoring our Cat Rescue Centre Listings

cat collars  

Cat Food & Nutrition

Burns Pet Nutrition
Developed by a vet, Burns recipes are hypoallergenic and highly digestible, making them suitable for a gentle tummy. With only the highest quality ingredients crammed into every biscuit, Burns Original Cat Food range will have your fiendish feline raring to go on their next adventure. Love your pet the Burns way with Burns Original Cat Food.
For more information call freephone 0800 018 18 90, or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:
A freephone Nutritional Helpline manned by Burns Trained Nutritionists is available for advice on feeding - Tel: 0800 083 66 96.  For a Kitten Information Pack and a sample of their kitten food - call freephone 0800 018 18 90.
Thank you to Burns Pet Nutrition for sponsoring our Adopt a Cat page

Burns Pet Nutrition

Tippaws - Healthy Dry Cat Food
We're Tippaws and we make cats purr. Our food is made from 70% real meat and fish, with added vitamins, minerals and prebiotics. Most importantly, cat's love it!
Special Offer! Cat Chat visitors can get a 20% discount using the special code 'CATCHAT20' at the checkout. Visit their site:
Thanks to Tippaws for sponsoring our Adopt a Black Cat page

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Cat Proof Fencing

Protectapet - Cat Security Fencing System
Quality fencing systems for garden boundaries, giving cats a safe territory and allowing them to experience the outdoors without many of the risks associated with it. ProtectaPet's systems can be professionally fitted, or supplied for DIY installation. Ideal for those wishing to maximise the safety of their cat, or to turn their garden into a safe haven from cats for wildlife such as birds and voles. For more information visit or call: 0800 999 4008
Thanks to Protectapet for sponsoring our FIV information page:  Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

protectapet cat security garden fence system

Gift Ideas

The Cat Gallery - Quality Gifts for Cat Lovers
Art, crafts and decorative gifts for the cat lover, including top quality branded gifts (Rosina Wachtmeister, Suzie Marsh, Jellycat etc). Find the perfect gift for yourself, your cat or your cat loving friends. See the full range here:
Thank you to the Cat Gallery for sponsoring our Adopt an Older Cat page
The Cat Gallery also supports our Overlooked Cats section, through their Charities of the Year scheme.

cat gallery, quality gifts for cat lovers

Erin House - Collectable Limited Editions for your Home
Special Offer! Cat Chat visitors can get a 10% discount across the whole Erin House range - even sale items! Just enter 'CATCH8' into the Promotion Code box at the checkout to receive 10% off. Purr-fect! Visit their site:
Thank you to Erin House for sponsoring our Rehoming Roll of Honour (Homed Cats) section

erin house, prints and gifts for cat lovers  

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